A Woman’s Guide to Solo Travel

a woman's guide to solo travel

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Hello my travel junkies! I’ve got an extra post this week and hope you enjoy it. You know that I always wax lyrical about travelling solo and how it’s not as scary as it sounds. Solo travel can sound risky especially if you’re a woman. However, it can be a truly freeing experience. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to go where you want and do anything you like, without other people holding you back? This is also a fantastic way to get to know yourself more. Spending time alone can be scary, but this is often because we aren’t comfortable enough alone. Spending time alone is so important. It can help you to build confidence. It can also help you become more clear on what you do and don’t want. With that in mind, here’s a woman’s guide to solo travel.

A Woman’s Guide to Solo Travel

Carefully Research Each Destination

First, carefully research each destination so you can make a list of places you want to go. Choose each destination with intent. Don’t feel pressured to go somewhere because it seems like the right thing to do, or because it will look good on your Instagram feed. Solo travel should be fulfilling, and not something you do to impress other people. Forget where they go, and go to the places that call you!

Plan Your Travel Times Carefully

Once you know where you’d like to go and you’re looking at finding transport, make sure you plan your travel times carefully. Arriving in a new destination after dark can be terrifying. If you want peace of mind and time to find your bearings, make sure you’re due to arrive during the day. 

Stay In Touch With Your Loved Ones 

Make sure you have ways to stay in touch with loved ones, whether in a group chat or by occasional Zoom calls. This way you won’t feel completely alone if you need somebody to talk to, and they can be there in the event of an emergency. When I’m travelling alone, I always let a loved know when I have landed and send video of where I’m staying.


Get Used To Packing Light 

Packing light will help you so much as you go from place to place. Not only will your flights be cheaper, you will be less stressed when it’s time to pack up and get going again. Plus, you won’t need to lug around a super heavy case with you, so it’s literally a weight off! Even if you’re driving for some of your journey, packing light will help you to ensure you’re not spending more in fuel than you need to be. Providing you have a reliable vehicle and safe, appropriate tyres, you should stay safe on the road. Although buying new SUV Tyres might set you back a bit in budget, it’ll be worth it if you’re confident you’ll stay safe as you go. 

Protect Your Documents, Cards, And Cash 

Your documents, cards, and cash are going to be your lifeline as you travel. It’s a good idea to keep them in a folder so you always know where they are, as well as having copies that you keep elsewhere, just in case. Take photos or scan your documents and save them on an electronic drive e.g. google drive.

Get Comfortable Setting Boundaries

Travelling as a woman shouldn’t be feared, but you should get used to making your boundaries clear, first. You don’t need to tell anybody where you’re staying, especially if you’ve just met them. Don’t let anybody buy you a drink if you’re unsure. Always listen to your gut, and stop being afraid of appearing impolite! Remember you don’t always have to be nice. Especially if you feel your wellbeing is at risk.

Thanks for reading a woman’s guide to solo travel. I’d love to know what’s your favourite tip or, if you have one not listed, please share in the comments.

Until next time, be well! x

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