How to Plan for the Perfect Roadtrip for Your Spring getaway

How to Plan for the Perfect Roadtrip for Your Spring getaway

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Hello my travel giraffes! In the UK the possibility of having a holiday abroad seems to be dwindling faster than my chocolate stash! So while plans to travel overseas may have been put on hold for over a year now, that doesn’t mean that getting out there and seeing more has to become out of the question. If you know how to drive, or know somebody who would want to take the ride then you will be able to plan a trip that is safe and all part of the adventure- the road trip! Not only do road trips help you to save money they are also a great way of seeing more of the world as you go. Once you decide on your destination, here’s how to plan for the perfect roadtrip for your spring getaway.

How to Plan for the Perfect Roadtrip for Your Spring getaway

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Plan Your Route 

Thanks to some websites online, you can get some help with this part. So whether you’re wanting to drive direct, or go via more interesting back routes to see more scenery along the way. Make sure that if you’re planning a longer trip you factor in stops for comfort and food, too. The last thing you’ll want is to fall out with the person you’re traveling with because one of you got hangry. Or needed to use the bathroom for too long! Let me tell you that being hangry is so not cute!

Think about your vehicle 

Sadly, not all cars are made for long drives. Others are not safe to be on busy roads for too long, and others are too small to feel comfortable in for long stretches of road. If you own an SUV then this is the perfect vehicle for road tripping. However, if you own a small city car, then it may be worth going down the car rental route and opting for something a little larger to make the trip more comfortable for everybody. Bear in mind though those rental companies will charge by the mile unless they have special rates for road trippers. In which case, opt for a car that has excellent gas mileage to keep the costs of the trip low. 

Get your car checked out 

If you’ve been putting off changing your engine oil, getting new tires, or changing that headlight you’ve had in your glovebox for months, then it’s a good time to get all those things checked off your list. Have a mechanic look over them for you. This will help reduce the risk of a breakdown leaving you stranded in unfamiliar territory. Also it’s making sure you are kept safe from the potential of accidents happening. 

Keep it fun

For some, the idea of a road trip is much more fun than the actual experience. That’s because more often than not, they are poorly planned. They didn’t take into consideration that long stretches of road for hours on end is not the most entertaining thing to do. Think of things you can do to pass time–without having the driver lose focus on the road too much. Try putting together a road trip playlist or researching some chatty and lighthearted podcasts. 

Remember not to rush to your next destination. Making stops to see interesting roadside attractions is all part of the fun of the road trip. You don’t want to take away from the joy of reaching where you want to go. 

Now that you know how to plan for the perfect roadtrip for your spring getaway, where would you go? Leave me a comment below.

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