Coping with Post-Holiday Blues

Teleférico de Barcelona- Miramar gardens, Barcelona

Welcome my lovely wanderlust giraffes to another travel post. Last post I shared some tips on how to haggle and this week I’m sharing my tips on coping with post-holiday blues. Post-holiday blues are the downside to travelling because it means your amazing holiday is over and you’re back to the routine of life. Unless of course you had a crap holiday and couldn’t wait for it to be over! Anyway here are a few tips I use to help me get over the slump.

Post-Holiday Blues

Book another holiday

This is a pretty obvious tip but, if you have the means to book another holiday straight after, then do it! The end of a holiday can make you feel pretty down but not if you know that there’s something else to look forward to. It’s really that simple!

Organise Your Photographs

Tip 2 is all about the memories you captured whilst on holiday. Take some time to go through your images and reminisce about what you felt in that moment. You can even create a photodiary so you can always go back to your favourite moments. Remembering the good feelings you felt in that moment, makes you feel good in the present moment.

post-holiday blues, La Sagrada Familia


If one of the things you loved on your holiday was the food, find a restaurant that serves the cuisine. Or, if you’re into cooking make your favourite dish.

post-holiday blues, Las Ramblas market

If you live in a cosmopolitan city I’m pretty sure you can find most of the ingredients. Alternatively, if you read this post before your holiday then pick up the spices needed to make your favourite dish.

post-holiday blues, jamon in Barcelona

Explore Your City

My final tip is to explore your own back yard. Living in London affords me with the opportunity to explore areas I’ve never been to before. I’m sure it’s the same for you wherever you are. For example in Trinidad and Tobago, there are still places I am yet to touch and I was born and raised there. So don’t forget to look under your nose.

It can be hard to deal with post-holiday blues, but not impossible and I hope you found at least 1 tip useful. Let me know in the comments below how you deal with your post-holiday blues. Don’t forget to subscribe and if you’re on Bloglovin it’s a piece of cake!

As always thank you for reading.

Until next time, be well!




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