Ten Travel Hacks

Ten Travel hacks

We all know how much I love to travel. If you don’t then you must be new, so welcome, click here, here, here and don’t forget to subscribe :). So with my love of travel, I thought I would share with you ten travel hacks that I have utilised before. I hope you find them useful.

Ten Travel Hacks

1. Clear your cookies when you’re searching for flights. Clearing your cookies increases your chances of finding a better deal.

2. If there’s a bank holiday on the Monday, flying out on the Sat could yield cheaper flights, than flying out on the Friday after work.

3. Flying long-haul, include a change of clothing and a few essential toiletries in your carry-on luggage. This can tide you over in case the airline loses your luggage.

4. If you’re hesitant about carrying cash, get a prepaid credit card. You can check out the moneysupermarket to find out more.

5. Utilise bank holidays to extend your annual leave. Easter is usually great for this, as we have Good Fri and Easter Monday off.

Ten Travel Hacks

6. If you sign up to booking.com they usually email you offers that aren’t visible to people who aren’t registered.

7. Have a credit card? Check what perks you get regarding travel. If you not and travel is a high priority, switch to one where you earn points, or get into airport lounges.

8. Cheap doesn’t always mean cheap. A flight to Barcelona might be £30 return but accommodation is incredibly expensive.

9. I am a big believer in comparing flight prices. Check out the price on the airline’s website and compare it to Skyscanner.

10. If it’s a group of you going, look into renting an apartment instead of a hotel. Sometimes it’s a lot cheaper than paying for a hotel.

I know there are a million and one other hacks out there but these are the ten travel hacks I have used before. Have you tried any of these before? Share your travel hacks in the comments below.

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