Saying No to Say Yes

Saying no to say yes

Happy Monday! If ever there was any hope of summer making another quick visit, that thought has quickly left! In today’s post I’m talking about saying no to say yes. There are lots of us out here who have a little problem saying no (ahem…ladies). You know who you are. Always raising your hand, either physically or virtually, to do something, give something and before you know it your life is full to the brim. Filled with stuff that you aren’t even sure you want.

I first heard the whole saying no to say yes through Danielle Laporte who said ‘no makes way for yes’. She was talking about how by saying no, we actually open ourselves up to all the things we want to say yes to. This got me wondering about how many things I’ve said yes to and shock horror, it was lots!

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I struggled (still do sometimes) with this but, I have some tips on saying no to say yes!

Think about it

Yup before you say yes to something, pause and ask yourself, is this is something you want to do? Do you have the time to comittment to saying yes to this? If the answer is no to any of them, particularly the first question then it needs to be a no.

Commit fully

Whatever you decide, yes or no, then commit fully to that decision. Don’t create a story in your head about how that person will feel or react, because chances are it won’t be that bad. If on the off chance it is, then it says more about them than you.

Shift your perception

No seems to have gotten a bad reputation but the reality is that it opens the doors to some many other possibilities. No, is a powerful word that’s only made up of two letters. Look at toddlers, one of the first words they know (and command) is the word no. They know it really well and use it. No is very empowering and it’s time to use it.

In a world filled with lots of us suffering from FOMO (fear of missing out), I wonder if it has to do with this whole saying yes when we really want to say no? If you think about it, we’re programmed to say yes automatically and not really think about the impact such a decision has on us. Then when we say yes to something we actually don’t want to do, we feel guilty! Completely messed up I know.

Do you think saying no to say yes is beneficial? Do you have any other tips on how to say no? Share in the comments below.

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