Organising your ish

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Happy Thursday lovelies! In today’s post I will be sharing my tips on organising your ish. Yes I said ish. We all have ish that’s sat in a cupboard, drawer or corner somewhere collecting dust and taking up space. Not just physical space but energetic space, which can affect you mentally. Have you ever walked into a cluttered room and instantly felt overwhelmed? Well that’s what happens when there’s so much stuff, you can’t see or think clearly.

Make the decision

Obvious as it is, you need to decide that you’d like to start organising your ish. It is easy to remain comfortable in feeling overwhelmed. However, if you make the decision to clean up and clear out the next steps will be a bit smoother.


Unless you’re following minimalist principles in all aspects of your lives, you will have clutter somewhere in your home or at work. Pick a day when you have a few hours, yes hours, and start with one area. It could be your closet or tool box or kitchen, has so much stuff it’s overflowing. Also, now is the time to see, is anything attracting pests or vermin? You might need to give a call if there are any lurking around. Once you’ve checked, go through each item and be ruthless. Ask yourself if you have used this particular item within the last 18 months. Will you ever use it? REALISTICALLY? Does it need repairing? If it does, schedule time to get it repaired or cleaned.

Donate stuff to charity, I always think that the spare coat I never wear is a coat that someone could keep warm in. You could also sell on Ebay, Depop or Gumtree and make extra cash.

Get the Professionals In

If you have a lot of stuff that you can’t get rid of, maybe it’s time to think about storing them in a separate unit. If you have a large garden, perhaps a shed could store some of your ish. Or perhaps a storage unit? There are loads of storage facilities where you can rent space to store your stuff for a monthly fee. If you’re based in the UK there’s Big Yellow Self Storage and Safestore to name a few. For my lovely readers in the US, MakeSpace has different self storage locations with more locations on the way, plus using their handy app they’ll collect your ish for you.

Storage Tips

After you de-clutter or move stuff storage, you will need storage for what’s left. The good news is that it doesn’t need to be expensive. Thinking outside of the box will help you see ordinary things in new ways and save money. For instance, you can use stationery tins to store your makeup brushes. If you already have a pretty tin that had teabags, you can use that as well.

tin used for makeup brushes to help organise your ish

Tin plant pots can be your best friend because they make great storage holders and you can spray paint them. I use a small one to store my nighttime skincare products, that way I have no excuse for not removing my makeup.

small tin plant pot for organising your ish

I also have a large one under my bathroom sink, which holds extra shower gels, shampoos, bath salts etc. Everything is in one place and it looks cute! :). If you have a small kitchen and need space for your utensils or cutlery, these would be perfect. Thanks Rebecca for this tip!

My final tip has to be related to shoes because you know how much I love shoes :). I use clear shoe boxes to store my shoes and the best part is that they have bits which interlock with each other.

stackable shoe storage

I purchased these boxes online ages ago and they’re made by a company called Tszuji and you can get some of the boxes here. Easy to use and they come with a handle so you can just pick your favourite pair and go!

Shoe storage

Those are all my tips for the organising your ish! Do you have any tips you’d like to share? I would love to read in the comments below.

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