Hand luggage packing tips

hand luggage packing tips on www.majeang.com

Hello beautiful ones! How are you? I recently went away and thought I would share my hand luggage packing tips. This is especially if you aren’t checking any luggage.

Choose your luggage wisely

Before you even think about your clothes, you need to decide on what type of hand luggage you’ll be using. There’s the bag that is a bit like an overnight bag or, the upright hand luggage. My preference is one with wheels because it’s easier to navigate, especially if you’re running late to your gate. Oops! Whatever you do choose ensure that it is within the measurements for most airlines. It also needs to have a couple of pockets as well as, the main compartment.

I won’t go into brands as you can choose your favourite. My preference is the Aerolite 2-wheeler that I purchased from Amazon for under £30.

hand luggage packing tips on www.majeang.com

Do you need all of that?

Think about the length of time you will be on vacation. Will you be going on the beach? Or the pool? Is it a ski trip? You need to think about your location and what activities you will be doing. Are there items that could do double duty? For ladies a camisole dress is incredibly versatile; you can wear it on its own for dinner. Or wear under a floaty maxi skirt. For the guys, a pair of chinos or jeans will do the trick for most outings. Most times you end up not wearing half of what you’ve packed and there’s no room for souveniers 😉

Hand luggage tips on www.majeang.com

Pack wisely

It doesn’t matter if you roll or fold your clothes; each have their merits. Plus one might work better for a different type of hand luggage than the next. If you roll your clothes, you can tuck breakable items in between the rolls. If you fold, small flat items such as your charging cables can fit in between. Always stick the heaviest of items at the bottom and put underwear in a separate packing cube. Or if you’re like me, just use underwear laundry bags which you can just dump in the washing machine when you return home.

hand luggage tips on www.majeang.com



We all know about the 100ml restriction on liquids so get miniature versions of your liquid toiletries and cosmetics. Alternatively, pick up the plastic containers from Boots, Primark or any store that sells them and decant your favourite necessities.


Those are my quick and easy tips for packing your hand luggage. Have I missed any out? Let me know in the comments below.

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