Natural Products on the Rise

Natural products

Hello beautiful today’s post is on the rise of natural products. I was contacted by Veeda to see if I wanted to try a couple of their products and after thinking about it, I thought I’d give it a go. You see it got me thinking about how natural, ethical, cruelty free, organic and whole foods have become more and more the ‘norm’. Growing up in the West Indies, natural was my ‘norm’ and it was common to have avocados growing in your backyard. Or any type of fruit or vegetable for that matter. So in a way it’s strange that these things are seen as new or even innovative.


Sticking with food, consumers have become more aware of their choices and how said choices affect their health. With the advent of social media, documentaries and the like showcasing how our food is produced, we demand better choices. For instance, buying organic meat instead of regular factory raised meat. Or, choosing free range eggs instead of caged hens. For some people they change their entire lifestyle and decide to become vegetarian or vegan. Companies have responded to these demands and changes, with brands like Abel and Cole popping up.

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Whilst food is a huge topic, that isn’t the only area that has started to make changes. Hygiene on a whole has shifted to include more of the natural side of things. You have places like Lush who make and sell body lotions, shampoos natural soaps and deodarants.The feminine hygiene market has also seen a shift, again where using natural products is at the core of their brand. Brands like Veeda who use 100% cotton in the manufacturing of their products. Which ultimately makes is safer for us women.


I’ve talked about what goes in our bodies and what makes us smell good, but what about what goes on our bodies? Ethical fashion is becoming more and more popular, especially as fast fashion doesn’t seem to be letting up anytime soon. We are becoming more and more aware of how and where our clothing are made. Are the fabrics sourced in an ethical yet sustainable fashion? Gone are the days where we can go into stores and blindly purchase the cute skirt for £10 and not wonder if it was made in a sweat shop. There seems to be a level of social responsibility that’s started to seep through. Celebrities and Bloggers have started to make different choices as well as, working to inform us.

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Cosmetics and Skincare

The same can be said for make-up and skincare. Years ago testing on animals was the ‘norm’ and no one really said anything, until now. Animal testing in the UK and European Union has been banned however, it is a requirement of the Chinese government. If you’re a cosmetics company that wants to sell your stuff in China, then you need to do animal testing. Quite a number of companies do and there are a few such as, Illamasqua and Charlotte Tilbury, that don’t do animal testing. It makes me like them even more!

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Alternatively, you can make your own skincare products or source out those who aren’t main stream, but are artisans in natural skincare. Whatever you decide to do know that you do have a choice, just be informed about said choice.

I can go on and on but what I’d really love to know your thoughts on the rise of natural products. What do you think about them? Have you tried any? What are your favourite brands?

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*samples provided by Veeda

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