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It seems as though this year is flying by so quickly! We’re almost to the end of June and I’m hoping that we actually do get some kind of real summer. Anyway, I wanted to talk about the things that leave me feeling good mentally. You might be wondering, what am I talking about but stick with me and I’ll explain 😉

Have you ever fallen into a funk in the midst of a project? I know I have! Or your skin just isn’t popping the way you want it too? I raise my hand. We all have those days when you’re in a slump or just feeling sluggish but, there are things that you do that leave you feeling good mentally. So today I am sharing with you what helps me.

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Engage my brain

For me this is about taking the focus off of what has me in a slump and immersing myself (temporarily) in a good book or, a funny show. By shifting your focus on something that excites you, in a good way, helps to refill your feel good tank. When you start feeling good, you are in a better position to deal with whatever (or whoever) has you in a slump.

Be Quiet

Sometimes when there’s too much going on, my mind is swirling it can be overwhelming and I can be in a mental fog. Feeling this way can prevent me from making a decision and miss out on opportunities. What has been helpful for me, is to retreat and be quiet. A few minutes of slowing down my thoughts, breathing, maybe meditating or praying and I’m able to feel more at peace. This is such a good feeling!

Talk to positive friends

You know that saying your parents used to dish out, about show me your friends and I’ll show you who you are? Well they were right! (sssshhh don’t let them know ;)) If your 5 closest friends have a positive, yet realistic outlook on life, trust me so will you! We rub off on each other because it’s infectious! It makes it easier for you to feel good mentally after speaking to a positive friend because they can help you put things into perspective. So call them up or, arrange to meet up.

Do a creative activity

When I started blogging, I needed to learn how to take decent photos. Along the way I noticed that I really enjoyed the process of capturing an angle, that I had in my head and seeing it come to life. Doing something creative, that you enjoy helps you to feel good and you continuously develop all sorts of skills.

Those are my 4 tips that I use to help me feel good mentally, because when you feel good mentally life has a bit more oomf!

Let me know in the comments below, if you do any of the tips above or share your way of feeling good mentally.

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Until next time be well!


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