5 Money Hacks

Oh hello there beautiful! Hope this week has been kind to you thus far? So I’ve been thinking about money quite a bit lately. You might think that’s very unlady like but, we all need to think about money because it’s a tool we all need to navigate the waters of this thing called life. These 5 money hacks will hopefully help you.

5 Money Hacks

If you think about it, the food you eat, roof over your head, clothes on your back and these killer heels right here πŸ˜‰ all cost money. We will all get to a stage where we don’t want to work anymore, or if you’re like me and just want travel to as many beautiful countries/cities, then you’re going to need money. Not only that but you need to be smart about it and make it work for you.

In light of this, I thought I would share a few money hacks to help you on your money journey.

Save! Save! Save!

I’m aware that some people live pay cheque to pay cheque but that doesn’t mean that you can’t save something. You need to get your mind trained up to save. I’m all for having splurges, but you still need to put aside some coins. Some people need a goal to save towards, so what about doing the penny challenge? Essentially, Day 1 =1pence, Day 2=2pence and so on. If you do that for a year, you would have saved Β£667.95!

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Pay off your credit card in full

This is something I naturally do but what I didn’t fully grasp was that, if you owed Β£100 and only paid Β£99.99, they could still charge you interest on the full amount. So you see the importance of paying in full?

Using cards abroad

This one is for my fellow wanderlusters (is that even a word?!). If you have to, bound to, must do this, then please always, always choose the option for that country’s currency. For example if you’re in Dubai, then choose to withdraw dirham.

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Cashback websites

My dear friends, I cannot tell you how amazing it is to sign up to cashback website(s). You save money on most occasions and depending on who you’re signed up with, the cashbacks can be pretty good! I’ve signed up with Quidco and TopCashBack which have served me well. Thank me later!

Stop drinking bottled water

This might be a little bit controversial but it has to be said (IMO). Think of all the plastic that ends up in landfills or in the ocean….not nice is it! So how about you buy yourself a pretty aluminium or glass water bottle and a water filter or jug? You filter out the stuff, if you’re concerned about that, you get to walk around with a cute bottle and do your bit for the environment. Ooh and the money you saved from buying bottled water could go towards your penny challenge. Everybody wins! πŸ™‚

Those are my 5 money hacks and I know there are lots of other hacks out there, so please share in the comments below.

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