Interview- Joyce Connor MUA

Joyce Connor MUA

Hello again beautiful people! In keeping with fashion month I thought I would have another related post but this time on make up!

I met Joyce at an event hosted by Avene and #wearethirtyplus (see post here) crew last year. I noticed her because a) she had a warm personality and b) her amazing skin! So we got to chatting and then I find out she’s a makeup artist and thought, what a wonderful person to get to know and pick her brain too! Oh and don’t worry I grilled her on the important things, like how to create the perfect flick and about contouring. I know you will think she’s fabulous just as much as I do, so enjoy 🙂

How did you get involved in makeup?

I was living in New York at the time and I wanted a new career path. I’d never understood make up so I visited the big department stores like Bloomingdales and Macy’s and chatted to the make up counter staff. When I came back to the UK I found a course and the rest is history.

What’s your favourite kind of make up to do?

I love doing beauty make up. This is a make up look that’s flawless but has colour too. So it can be a smokey eye or red lip but the base is flawless. I do a lot of bridal make up that incorporates beauty make up. I also love to be creative and have a free reign to create any kind of look.

Who or what inspires your make up looks?

I’m inspired by the catwalk. Pat MacGrath is my favourite all time make up artist. She is so super talented and creative but so humble. She has launched her won make up collection and I’ve been lucky enough to get a set. I think about how she uses colour and the simplicity of what she does. The final looks always look complex. She is definitely a leader in the field of make up.

What’s your go to look?

My go to look is a bronze smokey eye because it suits all skin tones and a nude lip with Ardell strip lashes. It’s a simple look and I adjust the shades depending on the skin tones.

Any makeup tips?

Have at least 3 lip colours, you can mix them to make new ones.

Use a matte eyeshadow close to your skin tone as an eye base to save time and give shimmer something to attach to.

Choose a foundation for your skin type. Oily skin – Matt or oil free, Dry skin – moisturising liquid, Mature skin – choose a base that’s closer to your dĂ©colletĂ© than your face

What trends do you think are coming back in makeup?

Natural eyebrows at last! The unnatural painted on brow is a definite no in the fashion world.

Bright colours on eyes, less dark colours for day looks

Coloured eye liner is here to stay

What colours are flattering on most skin tones?

Pinks, bronzes and golds in varying shades will suit all skin tones. There is a red lipstick for everyone!

What are your thoughts on highlighting and contouring for everyday wear

I’m not a fan of the overdone highlight and contour look. It’s not a look for fashion or commercial make up artists. In an edited image these looks might work but in reality they are terrible if done badly. It’s a look that is dying out! There are ways to contour and highlight without it being obvious.

Best way to create the eyeliner flick?

Draw the outline of the flick with a pencil, starting at the outer edge of the eye. Follow the lower lash line to get the flick perfect. Once you’ve drawn with pencil you can go over it with liquid for the vintage look.

Joyce Connor MUA

Any advice for budding MUAs?

Anyone that wants to be a make up artist should find a good make up school. You need to learn the basics and hygiene standards. Make up artist ethics are important and you’ll learn those at a good make up school. Don’t run before you can walk. Too many budding make up artists watch YouTube and use filters on Instagram to correct their work. Your work should be perfect and you need to be 100% committed to every job you do. Once you’re qualified find an established artist to assist and learn the ropes. Be an inclusive artist that can make up all skin tones.

What fills your heart with joy?

First and foremost my family are my be all and end all. Secondly I love make up and skincare. I can spend all day shopping for make up and skincare and never get bored. My biggest weakness is make up brushes. I have so many but can’t stop buying them. There are so many new and exciting brands out there. The smallest detail in a brush can make all the difference to your finished make up look.


See! Told you she’s just fabulous. If you would like to see more of her work, or contact her about her services, her contact details are below. As always thanks for reading and leave your comments below about Joyce and if you benefitted from the information she provided.

Tel: 07788993965

Twitter: @joyceconnormua



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