Saturday brunch

Monday has rolled around again and you know what? It’s not really its fault tbh because it’s just another day of the week. So my beauty have a fantastic day!

Right so on with the story 😉 (if you were into Sesame Street as a child you’d get the reference). I digress.

I went to London Fashion Weekend on Friday night and whilst it was nice, I really didn’t feel inspired to blog about it. However, I have a couple of videos on my Instagram if you’re interested.

On Saturday, I went to brunch. Now Sundays are usually the days many people brunch but to me any day is a good day to brunch, especially if the food is good! Honey pie the food was good! My lovely friend and I went to Black Penny for said brunch and was not disappointed.

Based in Covent Garden, this is a pretty laid back, chilled out restaurant. You don’t feel hurried, staff are friendly and prices are pretty reasonable. The interior reflects this with industrial type decor, wooden tables and the downstairs bit has a communal table which seats 8.

I had been craving french toast for the longest while, so was pretty excited to see it on the menu. I know, I know I shunned the ever popular avocado on toast but I have that pretty often in my own kitchen. I have to say this wasn’t your regular french toast. Oh no! This was THE best french toast I have ever tasted in my entire life! Served with either ricotta or bacon, I opted for the bacon and sigh!

I was pretty stuffed after my food and couldn’t partake in the rest of the yummy stuff they had on display. Not to worry though as I inted to visit again to sample the rest that is on offer 🙂

I highly recommend you check it out. If you have been before, what did you think about it? Or where else shall I try for brunch?

As always thanks for reading, commenting and sharing.

Until next time, be well




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