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Canna Campbell of Sass Financial Services

Good morning gorgeous! I seem to be on a roll with these interviews and I hope you’re enjoying them as much as I do!?

So today’s interview is with Canna Campbell aka SugarMamma and I first heard about her through Chloe Morello’s YouTube channel and I was so inspired by her because a) she’s such a calm, warm down to earth person and b) she teaches us girlies about money and how to save, budget and invest! Having worked in a finance institution, I learned the importance of money and that it isn’t the ‘root of all evil’ nor is it shallow to want to be financially sound. We honestly can’t depend on anyone to ‘look’ after us (girls or guys) because life throws curve balls and knowledge is power. Rant over…on with the interview 😉

Share a bit about yourself. How did you get to where you are?

Umm…I am not sure myself! I try to constantly keep moving and growing, so I forget to look back, when I finally do look back I have no recollection of how everything fell together. I should probably stop and take time to smell the flowers I guess! I am one of those people that are all action, no talk, I just like to get on and do things….

But essentially I am a Financial Planner and have been working for myself for the last 10 years….10 months ago I set up my own YouTube channel, SugarMamma TV to help inspire and educate people around the world to make better and more empowering decisions around their relationship with money and financial wealth. However my channel takes a very balanced approach and covers a wide range of other subjects such as minimalism, health, motivation and a bit of fashion and beauty!

I truly believe that when you set intelligent goals for yourself, especially ones that are going to serve not only your higher self but help lift others around you, (no matter what your mission is), the universe supports that shift and opens things up to help you along your way.

You’re really passionate about wealth building. Why is it so important?

Passionate is an understatement, I am crazy about showing and empowering people how to create more financial harmony in their world. Life is stressful enough already, so even if we can just make small but powerful improvements in the way we attract, manage, invest and build money, we can significantly reduce some sources of manageable stress. It isn’t rocket science; in fact it is easy once you start to understand a few key concepts.

Financial stress can impact relationships, health and sense of overall well-being. When we live in an abundant place we have more time, money and resources to help others around us, which can trigger even more powerful shifts. This is what my YouTube channel is really about.



Your YouTube videos have a holistic slant. What’s the motivation behind this?

I am not your typical type of Financial Planner. Over working in Financial Planning for almost 14 years, I have worked with so many different people, with different stories, attitudes, adventures and different financial outcomes. One thing that always sticks out at me with the people who have achieved more than impressive financial wealth and freedom is their openness, energy and almost lightness around money and financial wealth. It is amazing to witness and these people have been a further financial inspiration in my own financial journey. When you combine this with other technical knowledge, powerful stuff happens when you apply these principals.

You have a very peaceful vibe, what’s your secret?

I have recently got back into meditation and doing a lot more visualisation and gratification work. My life has never been smooth sailing and I have had some dark moments in my life that have really tested my strength and faith. I guess from those challenging moments and being forced to work on myself, learn about myself so that I am able to appreciate the good times and help bring things back into perspective.

But whilst I do appear calm and relaxed and am most of the time, I openly admit on my channel to being a hyper sensitive person who takes things on deeply and can at times get consumed by negative feedback or events. It is important to me that I be as open, honest and authentic as possible to my subscribers.

I try not to take myself too seriously and always love to have a good laugh at myself…I try to see the funny side in everything possible, it makes coping a lot more enjoyable!

I have had to do a lot of work on myself and still do, A lot of the information that I share is from my own personal observations, experiences and challenges, so hopefully my subscribers can relate to me and add can give them valuable advice that will help them make a difference.

Also, I have the most amazing girlfriends who are incredibly supportive, encouraging and wise. Always there for any type of meltdown I might be having. I am so grateful to have them in my life.

How do you balance it all?

I never believe that I balance it all…every day is different, with different people, needs, goals and requirements…plus we aren’t always in the same mood each day, so some days are painfully difficult, others are amazing. We all just try and do our best and that is more than good enough.

One thing that someone taught me recently is to stop and listen to my body. Listen to what it is trying to say to me, warn me, advise me and guide me too. Every day there are new lessons to be learnt and more personal growth to be achieved.

What makes your heart sing?

Feeling connected to my family, my dogs, my friends, my clients, my subscribers and followers…to my own spirit and fulfillment.

Now here’s where I asked Canna for some tips 🙂

Finance Tips

What advice would you give someone who is starting to build or rebuild their wealth?

Have faith and believe in yourself first of all. Set defined and measurable goals, but your thoughts, feelings and most importantly actions positively in sync with each other. Also read your goals daily and try and do 1 thing each day that actively get you closer to that goal. Even if it is small as transferring $1 towards a savings account, they are all powerful steps and help build up momentum. Practicing health financial habits regularly becomes second nature over time.

Then there are practical steps like getting out of toxic debt and staying out of toxic debt, followed by having emergency savings, personal insurances and investing for your long term financial future. I try to cover both approaches on my channel and can’t stress how important financial education is.

Can you share more about the 1000 dollar project? What if someone can’t stretch to the $1000 or £1000, what’s a great figure to aim for?

The info is on my website, but people can follow along with this as much as they want. Just work within parcels that you believe are achievable and then slowly start stretching yourself to reach higher. The project can be tailored to your individual goals, whether that be getting out of debt, building savings or investing for wealth, it is completely up to you and the sky is the limit.

What are your tips on getting out of debt?

I have a video on my channel explaining this. If you’re interested check it out here!

How can a person save whilst living paycheck to paycheck

Having a budget (you can download her free budget tool here) is the first step, that way you can see where your hard earned money is going and what can be reduced or cut out. Then whatever can be reduced or cut out should be switched towards a regular savings account through an automatic direct debit plan. That way the money comes out without you thinking and your savings can being already. Then work on ways to build up the savings from there.

I hope you enjoyed reading about Canna and the tips she provided? I have a new series coming out soon where I ask some Dessert Island questions to Canna and other so stay tuned!

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