Spring is coming

Hello beauties! Another week has begun and it’s filled with possibilities! I’m not the kind of girl who leaps out of bed with a song in her heart, unfortunately a Disney Princess I ain’t! However what I have noticed is that lately I am waking up feeling pretty okay without the need to throw my alarm clock (read phone) far, far away. Slowly it has crept up on us and friends Spring is coming (cue the happy dance) 🙂

I cannot tell you how long I have been waiting and I’m sure some of you can relate, for the weather to brighten up. To see more blue skies instead of just grey has been fantastic!

What I’ve also noticed is that I want to lighten things up in my home, with my clothing etc. Instead of dark curtains, I’m leaning towards something lighter and the same for my cushions. Now please understand I know how cold it still is but it’s good to start preparing for when it does fully arrive.

I also plan on clearing out all the stuff I don’t or haven’t use and donate them (as much as possible) to others who would benefit. To me unused items in your closet, means that someone is losing out and I don’t like that.

My creativity has also been bubbling away and ideas are flowing for where I want to take my blog and my life really. It always amazes me how the weather has such a huge impact on us. You don’t realise that you’ve been living like a hermit for months until you get some light in your life.

Tell me have you noticed a difference in your mood lately? What have you been inspired to do as Spring approaches?

As always thank you for reading and commenting.

Until next time be well



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