Tips for lip care

Happy Thursday beauties! Hope the week has been kind to you.

As the title suggests, today’s post is caring for your kissing machine 🙂

There are certain areas of our bodies that don’t get the care that they really deserve; hands, feet and your lips. We eat, drink, kiss and cover our lips with the latest lipstick. They get dry, chapped, cracked and all sorts of things that quite frankly they deserve a bloody medal. Anyways, here are a few tips I picked up to care for my lips.

Drink water 

Yes this is a mantra that seems to come out in every post related to your body. But you have to moisturise from the inside out. So keep yourself hydrated and if like me, you don’t like the taste of water (yes water has a taste) add your favourite fruit to it with some mint.

Licking your lips

It may be hard to completely stop licking your lips, especially if you read my chocolate interview but do try. When you lick your lips, you deposit salt, which then stays on your lips and dries them out even more.


Yes beauties, our lips need exfoliation like everywhere else. You can use a soft bristle toothbrush or whip up your own lip scrub with brown sugar and honey. Either way get your scrub (gentle) on.

Final tip, is use lip balm

During the day, use one with an spf as the sun rays will affect that part of your body. I know the sun is as mythical as a unicorn in the UK but the rays do penetrate the clouds. At night time, especially during the colder months, go for a thicker consistency in your balm or lip cream.

That’s all from me today beauties. I would love to hear how you care for your lips in the comments below. Ooh and let me know what you’d like to see on the blog?

Until next time, be well

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