An Affordable and Easy Christmas Gift Guide

an affordable and easy christmas gift guide

Hello beautiful people! Welcome to December. It feels as though it was taking it’s sweet time and then bam! It arrived. Christmas presents are definitely a topic of conversation and thoughts however, with the pinching of pennies, this might be a bit tricky. I’m here to offer some assistance with an affordable and easy christmas gift guide. We’re keeping it £30 and under with a variety of options for your loved ones.

An Affordable and Easy Christmas Gift Guide

Beauty Gift Sets

I love a gift set! Not only is it affordable but it’s an easy one to give. The recipient gets to trial different products and some of them are presented so you don’t need to do much. I have a few options for you to peruse and they’re all £30 and under, easily accessible and encompasses skincare, makeup and perfume.


Lancome has some great mascaras and the mascara gift sets are great value for money. Boots do a few such as this or this which is great value at under £20. Or if you want to get them something more, check out this set from Revolution which is sold on Asos for only £20! There are 7 products in this set which contains everything needed to create a soft glam look.


Who doesn’t love soft skin? I know I certainly do! So here are a few gift options. Starting with Fenty Skin. You know I enjoy the Fenty Skin cleanser and fat water toner (read here). I recently purchased the body moisturiser and it’s so rich yet nourishing. They’ve got this body set for £24 but Boots has it for £18 at the moment.

Rituals have a selection of body gift sets for around £24.50 each. My favourite is the Sakura range which is inspired by cherry blossom season in Japan. There are about 10 of them that you can choose from and you can also find them in John Lewis.


Hyperpigmentation can be a bane of a person’s skin. If you know such a person this gift set from The Ordinary might be a winner!

I did a whole post on face masks (here), these Garnier sheet masks gift set is perfect at £17.94 for 10.

Gift Cards/Vouchers

Some people think that giving a gift card or voucher isn’t thoughtful but I disagree. Gifting one is offering the recipient the choice to get what they truly want. A little story. I was given Selfridges gift cards over the years and I saved them. I collected almost £150 and was able to use the gift cards towards a pair of Chloe slippers. Some great places of where to get a gift card from: Amazon as it’s got practically everything! If you or the person likes supporting small businesses then Etsy would be your best bet. Or, if there’s a particular business they enjoy shopping with contact them to see if they would do a voucher.

As a traveller, anything from Eurostar or any airline such as Iberia, would be a fantastic gift. I would say that you may not get it for £30 however, it’ll be a great gift that you team up with someone else to give.

Subscription Service

I think gifting a subscription service is a wonderful gift idea, if I do say so myself :). It’s especially wonderful if it’s a service they currently enjoy or would like to. Plus, they get to remember you every time they read, watch or hear whatever it is. You maybe wondering, what you can gift as a subscription service. I’ve got you! I’ll say a yearly subscription is over £30 but you can pay for a month or 3! Some ideas; Wild & Bloom for monthly flowers.

Next we have the coffee lover’s dream gift with a 3 month subscription for £30. Alternatively, they might enjoy cooking, with a Friday night curry or this baking club for £7.50 a month.

Finally, a perfume subscription with Scentandco for £15 per month would be ideal for a perfume lover.

That’s all I have for you peeps in an affordable and easy christmas gift guide. I hope it’s give you some inspiration and lightens up the load when it comes to shopping for the season.

As always, thank you for reading and commenting. Until next time, be well! x

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