Christmas Gift Ideas for Travellers

Christmas gift ideas for travellers -

Hello beautiful people! In my previous post I did a really easy and affordable Christmas gift guide. However, I thought I would do a separate one for the travel fiends in your life. So here’s my Christmas gift ideas for travellers. Side note, if you’re thinking I would enjoy receiving any of these, yes, yes I would 🙂

Christmas Gift Ideas for Travellers

Hand Luggage

As someone who flies budget airlines for her short haul flights, I’ve had to get creative with my hand luggage. I’m a big fan of the Cabin Max carry on cases because they’ve got 4 wheels, compartments on either side and the perfect size to fit under your seat. Oh they come in different colours! I really wanted the blue but it was out of stock and I couldn’t wait because I was travelling soon. I’m happy with my grey one and it’s around £50.


In my previous gift guide I suggested buying vouchers for the travel fiends in your life however, you can either buy them flights or contribute towards it. This works especially if you know their wanderlust list. Or you can simply ask them where they want to go and and I promise you’ll have the happiest travel bunny on your hands :). Also, if you collect avios points, you can use them to purchase said flights for them. Gifting them your points can cost you more than you’re willing to spend.

Quiet Earpods

Let’s face it, planes are noisy and if you’re on it for a long haul flight trying to get a decent few hours of sleep can be difficult. So instead of earpods that play music, you can get your travel fiend quiet earpods. They’re soft and noise cancelling which would enable the wearer to sleep a bit better and wake up fresh for that landing. A friend of mine who takes her sleep very seriously, loves these from Loop and I plan on getting myself a pair. They’re also on Amazon if you have Prime.

Travel Steamer

I love a good travel steamer as they’re such a good travel item to have. Not all hotels, hostels, Air BnBs or guest houses have irons. I know I was surprised by this when I stayed in a couple of places. This is when I decided that a travel steamer was needed. I don’t need to look like a hot mess despite my life being a hot mess. You know what I mean? Anyways, what is needed is something that’s compact, lightweight yet effective. There are a few on the market that fit the brief but I’m a fan of this one from Philips. Or, this one from Homeasy which is under £40 and is small but mighty.

These are some of my Christmas gift ideas for travellers which every traveller would appreciate. Let me know which one you’d like to see under your Christmas tree this year.

As always, thank you for reading and commenting and until next time, be well! x

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