The Best Holidays To Enjoy Without Having To Go Overseas

the best holidays to enjoy without having to go overseas

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Why hello you beautiful people! Surprise! We have an extra post this week which I hope you’re enjoying. Let me know in the comments. Anyways today post is all about the best holidays to enjoy without having to go overseas. The world is opening up again and travellers with long-itchy feet are on the move. But you might not be quite ready or willing to go overseas just yet. You might, instead, feel like a little adventure somewhere closer to home. Here, we’re going to look at some of the best holidays in Britain, allowing you to see a different side of the world without having to go that far for it.

The Best Holidays to Enjoy Without Having to go Overseas

A trip to the capital

Of course, you can’t talk about unique experiences in the country without talking about London. The true metropolis of the country, a world-class city by and standards, there is never any shortage of things to do or see in London in the summer, at Christmas time, or at any other time of the year. It’s truly a city that you can go back to time and time again and never run out of events, exhibitions, performances, venues, or places to go.

Some truly inspirational countryside

There’s no shortage of lush countryside with beautiful river tours, national parks, and idyllic landscapes to find in Britain. However, if there’s just one county to choose from, then finding a place to rent or even lodges for sale in Essex should be an option that you consider. You could own your very own slice of the idyllic English countryside, with places to walk, camp, cycle, and enjoy the peaceful wonder of local nature.

Get lost in the highlands

Of course, the British countryside has a lot more than just lovely, well-tamed fields and hills to explore. If you want to get out into something a little more exciting, then the mountains and lochs of the Scottish highlands are hard to beat. Chief amongst them, spending a week out in the Cairngorms can see you doing all sorts, from climbing the Kingussie Crag, to canoeing out around Loch Insch, not to mention a host of walking routes and the stately splendour of Balmoral.

The best of British coastland

Heading out to the far tip of the island, you can see landscapes that you’re not likely to see else. The coastal walks of Cornwall each offer a diversity of landscapes, from basalt columns to gorgeous stretches of fine sand. One gem, in particular, that’s worth travelling out to is Lamorna Cove, near Mousehole, a modest but very picturesque fishing village.

Castles great and small

Wales has a lot to offer, from Snowdonia to Cardiff and much besides, but perhaps one of the ways it’s richer than the rest of the island is in the sheer amount of castles to visit. Conwy Castle is amongst the oldest and most impressive, standing from the 13th century, but there are plenty more, such as Caernarfon Castle, standing majestic on the coast, and the haunting ruins of Dolwyddelan Castle.

These are the best holidays to enjoy without having to go overseas. Of course, there are way more examples of excellent UK holiday ideas than just the destinations named above. However, if there are any to put on your bucket list, these five should be there.

Thank you for reading, commenting and until next time, be well! x

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