Visiting Gaia at the Painted Hall

visiting gaia at the painted hall

Hello gorgeous one! How are you doing? What’s up with the UK weather? It’s about as stable as the see-saw in the kids playground at lunch time. Anyways, In my last post, here, I gave you some ideas on what you could do for summer. One of them was to go to Greenwich and check out the latest exhibition, which ends on the 1st July. Here’s what it was like visiting Gaia at the painted hall.

Visiting Gaia at the Painted Hall


This is one of those exhibitions that is worth the effort to go see. Located at the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich, you could make a day or evening of it. Greenwich is a great place to do many things in one go. There’s a market, lots of great bars and restaurants and Greenwich Park which is perfect for picnics.

What is it?

Gaia is an art installation by Luke Jerram who wanted us to have a sense of what it’s like looking down at the earth. Internally lit, the sculpture was created using NASA imagery and is an exact replica of our planet.

Scaled to size you can really feel what it could be like looking at earth from space.

For me it was worth the visit despite the crappy weather and actually cheered me up. It didn’t hurt that there’s a cafe in the building where you can enjoy some delicious cake!


You can purchase tickets either from the Old Royal Naval College website or via the Fever App. Fridays there are extended hours and they play music along with conversations about space.

Have you been? Will this be something that you’d like to visit? Let me know in the comments what you think about visiting Gaia at the Painted Hall.

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