15 Things Every Single Over 35 Woman Needs To Do

15 things every single over 35 woman needs to do

Hello beautiful people! How are you doing today? You know I’m a big fan of us single over 35-ers living with ease and as much joy as possible. With that in mind I looked at my life and picked out 25 things I did or, wish I did that have helped me. I hope it helps you if you haven’t implemented any of these yet. Here are 15 things every single over 35 woman needs to do and I will share the rest in a subsequent blog post.

15 Things Every Single Over 35 Woman needs to do


Let’s start in the health category where we need to really pay more attention. Eating what we like and not having a care in the world where our body and health is concerned is no longer an after thought.

Sexual Health

Single doesn’t mean you’re not having sex unless, you’ve taken the decision to abstain, if you do, kudos! If you haven’t and having regular sex then do yourself and your sexual partners a favour and get tested. Pregnancy would be the least of your worries if you have a sexual health infection.

Smear Tests

Look we all know they aren’t they aren’t the most pleasant of experiences but you would rather that than having to go through chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Same goes for checking your boobs. They are yours and you would prefer they remain as healthy as possible. Every month after your period, do a routine check in the shower or laying in bed. I checked mine once, found a lump and was referred to have a mammogram and scan. All came back clear and I routinely check mine on a monthly basis.

Regular Check-ups

Once you hit 40 get yourself booked in for a regular check up just so you know what, if anything, you need to do.


We’re all different and so are our bodies but what we all need to do is to move. Some people enjoy pushing it hard at the gym and lifting weights. Others may prefer gentle walks everyday or, doing pilates. Basically do what works for you but just do something.

Food is Life

I love food and good tasting food at that however, I am no longer consuming high sugar meals on a daily. I have increased my water intake because juice isn’t the one. Dieting isn’t necessary just figure out with help from healthcare professionals, if needed, what works for you, your life and body.


Of course I had to do a separate category for your skin. I’m a #skinjunkie after all and our skin needs are different as we get older.

See A Professional

If you can afford to annually or every other year, please see a Dermatologist or Esthetician. They can help you create a routine for any issues that you haven’t been able to solve on your own. The Dermatologist would be able to prescribe medication specific to issues you may be dealing with. Plus if like me you have moles, they can check them out for you.

Retinol and Vitamin C

These are 2 products that most skin professionals advise most over 35s to incorporate in their routine. Retinol helps with wrinkles and vitamin C is an antioxidant which helps with hyperpigmentation.

Spf, Spf and Spf

If you’re not using spf but wondering why you have dark marks and the wrinkles are more prominent. It’s because you aren’t wearing spf daily. Please wear your spf daily, thanks. You can read more here.

Neck, Hands and Decotallge

These are the areas that are often neglected and show signs of age before anywhere else. Moisturise and keep these areas nourished, especially hands. Our hands go through the ringer! After the increased hand washing we’ve all been doing for the past year, we need to be extra kind to our hands.

Take Care of Your Feet

Another body part that is hard working and gets neglected are our feet. Regularly exfoliate and stop wearing shoes that numb your toes. It’s not cute and your poor feet deserve better!


Our wellbeing goes beyond the physical aspects of our lives and looks deeper at who we are without all that stuff. Plus it incorporates a lot of emotional and mental selfcare.

Spiritual Practice

Life is much more than the physical and sometimes superficial things that we see and accumulate. Having some kind of practice can foster a deeper sense of self and purpose. A spiritual practice can look like whatever you want it to and one that works for you. It could me doing meditation, yoga, praying in a holy place or simply writing in a journal about the non-tangible things in your life that you’re grateful for.

Mental Health Needs

Life can and has been overwhelming, hard and a bit of a rollercoaster ride times 100 this past year. It would stand to reason that many are dealing with anxiety, depression, angst and other issues. There’s a belief that once you hit your mid-30s you have life figured out and that’s not true. No one has life figured out and letting go of unnecessary expectations go a long way in supporting your mental health needs. Pay attention to how you’re feeling and what you’re telling yourself. Pay attention to you.

Learn to Say No

I wrote a whole blog post on this before but, just to summarise, say no to the things that won’t or don’t serve you. Saying no frees up space for possibilities and opportunities. When you keep saying yes to things that make you feel bad about yourself, it impacts upon your mental health and wellbeing.

Make Peace

We all have to accept that we may never receive an apology and be okay with that. We also need to accept that we probably have been a villain or, we are the villain in someone’s story. Which is something we need to make peace with because life is short and hanging on that pain and anger does nothing but wear us down.

Give What You Can

The final lesson in my list is to give what you can. I once read a quote by Danielle La Porte that said, ”giving is the antidote to emptiness”. This is so true! When I have felt down before and offered up my time, energy or money, I felt filled. It doesn’t mean to give until you’re running on fumes but give when your life is overflowing. Or, you see someone in need that you can assist.

These are the 15 things every single over 35 woman needs to do and I have 10 more to share in another post. What have you learnt? Or what are you still yet to learn? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for reading and until next time, be well! Also, don’t forget to comment and share, it helps me out a lot! x

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