My Favourite Skincare Products of 2020

my favourite skincare products of 2020

Hello skincare junkies, I’ve got another post for you today! I’ve never done one of these before but, I thought I would share with you my favourite skincare products of 2020. If you’re a long time reader of mine you would know I love reviewing new products and sharing them with you. Some of these are ones I would re-purchase again and again.

My Favourite Skincare Products of 2020

Alpha Beta Pads

Straight out the gate are the Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta pads. I did an in depth review here, so will keep it brief. These pads are a great for chemical exfoliation. They basically are the texture erasers and leaves your skin soft and smooth.

my favourite skincare products of 2020 - DDG Alpha beta peels

Vitamin C

I love Skinceuticals Serum 10 vitamin C however, it is a little pricey. In searching for an affordable alternative, I found Medik8 C-tetra and I’m in love! The serum contains vitamin E so not only do you get that glow but, it’s also nourishing. You can read my gushing review here for more details.

my favourite skincare products of 2020 - Medik8 c-tetra


Say it with me, ‘we all need to wear spf’. That’s right kids, we all need spf regardless of our skin type, tone or colour. The sun does not care and will damage cells without a care in the world. I was recommended the Heliocare spf 50 and think it’s one of the best I have tried so far. It blends into the skin so well and does not leave a white cast. No Casper visiting you each morning and it doesn’t break the bank!


The final 2 products in my favourite skincare products of 2020 are cleansers.

One is a pretty affordable one from Cerave. It’s the SA Cerave cleanser which has a gel formulation. It’s so gentle on my face and it contains salicylic acid which helps rid your skin of black heads. So good!

The other cleanser is the Alpha Beta pore perfecting cleansing gel from Dr Dennis Gross. Considering the premium prices for DDG products, this is pretty affordable and effective. Similar to the SA Cerave cleanser, it gently cleans your skin and smooths out your pores.

my favourite skincare products of 2020 -

These are my favourite skincare products of 2020, what are yours? Let me know in the comments below. I like to find products that work for my skin and does what it says on the tin.

That’s all from me today and until next time, be well! x

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