5 Unexpected Things 2020 Taught Me

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Well Happy New Year mi gente! I am sending you alot of joy, good health and a gentler 2021. How has the new year started for you? Are you into making resolutions or have you decided to focus on the things you want to work on instead? For me, I’m not into this new year new me ish! Especially after the car crash of the previous year. However, even car crashes teach you something and here are 5 unexpected things 2020 taught me.

5 Unexpected Things 2020 Taught Me

Health is Wealth

We say it all the time, well at least I do but do we actually mean it? When your health is not firing on all cylinders, it affects every aspect of your life. You are forced to look at yourself and how you’ve been contributing to the demise of your health. Oh you know, not eating properly or on time. Rest? Who is she? That pain in your leg, back or wherever you’ve been ignoring and hoping it will go away, but doesn’t. Yeah those little things are worth paying attention to. Essentially, not looking after your health; mental, emotional and physical, is telling God/Universe/whomever that you are not worthy of this life you’ve been given.

Creating Memories

The UK has had 2 lockdowns, restrictions and more. In that time, I’ve learnt that the little things matter. Being able to speak, see and hear from loved ones, matter. I’m an introvert and can quite easily miss events especially when I know they’ll be draining. However, what matters to me are my loved ones and creating memories with them. Life is incredibly fleeting and some people lost their loved ones in 2020. After I lost my mom in 2018, one of the things that helps me through missing her are the good times we had.

Trying New Things

One of the 5 things that 2020 taught me is to try new things. Be brave and try them even if you don’t succeed. I have spoken about my love of photography before (my photography instagram page here) and wanting to do more with it. So, in June 2020 I did my very first professional photoshoot where I was the lead photographer. Was I nervous? Do giraffes have cute eyelashes? But I persevered through my fears, perfectionist side and not good enough syndrome. Once you have breath and life, you can still try new things.

Make Friends with the Unknown

The unknown has and will forever always be with us. The safety net that we have created is an illusion. Don’t believe me? Did your plans for 2020 happen? The biggest lesson I can share with you is to make friends with the unknown. Leave a bit of space for the unknown so when it hits, you won’t be devastated.

Take Risks

The final lesson I’ve learnt this year is to take risks. The risks can be big like, trying to start a photography business in the middle of a pandemic, after you got made redundant. Or, it could be ending a relationship that you’ve outgrown. Examine the possible outcomes, research and take a leap of faith. If things don’t work out, you could look back on your life with lessons learnt.

These are the 5 unexpected things 2020 taught me and I am grateful for them. The way I look at it is, if you survived 2020 then you can do anything and take the lesson learnt to create a great life. How about you? What has 2020 taught you?

As always, thank you for reading and until next time, be well! x

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