Ultimate Christmas 2020 Gift Guide

Ultimate Christmas 2020 gift guide - wrapped present with brown paper and twine

Hello you lovely people! It’s one of the biggest sales week of the year and we don’t have a lot of time to waste. So welcome to the ultimate Christmas 2020 gift guide. This guide is to be used in conjunction with the Black Friday sale discount blog post, here.

Ultimate Christmas 2020 Gift Guide

Similar to the BF discount post, I will divide the sections into: lifestyle, fashion and travel related items. Before we begin, please do not feel like you need to spend lots of money this year. Putting yourself in debt is not being kind to yourself or loved ones. Hopefully this guide will help you mindfully shop and get what you need instead of what you don’t. I have included a mix of small and large brands.



Contrary to popular belief, receiving a physical book can be a great gift. Here are some options you can look into.

A book of poetry such as, Ask the Butterfly by Jamina Haskovic would be the perfect stocking filler.

If they’re into thriller/horror, you can’t go wrong with this Stephen King Classic Collection. Another thriller book I always recommend is, The Book of James by Ellen Green and don’t be surprised if they love you for life!

If they aren’t into fiction but drinking. Cocktail making to be precise, The Pikes Cocktail book might be the one to help them break free. Pikes Ibiza is a unique night club that the likes of Freddie Mercury, George Michael, Kylie Minogue and more have visited. So I’m pretty sure the cocktails will be to die for.

Home and Decor

I love The White Company home scents especially the Seychelles range. I have the diffuser in my bathroom and was once told, it smells expensive. That’s exactly how it smells. If you’re looking gift that screams luxe without hurting your wallet, here are a couple options…

First up is the Seychelles mini home scenting set for £32. Or, 20% less in the Black Friday sale. Next is, The Seasonal Collection Diffuser Set for £40 (or less), has their 4 bestseller scents of Winter, Fir tree, Highland and Highland escape.

Wall Prints

A gallery wall can make a room look complete, especially if you tie it in to the colour of the accessories. So as a gift, you can give prints or, ask the person to select a few of their favourite prints and gift them according to your budget. I’ve used Desenio before and found them to have a wide selection and with 40% off for Black Friday, it’s pretty good!

Silk Pillow Cases

Having silk pillow cases is the ultimate bougie life accessory. It’s also great for hair and skin. So if you gift this, you should be thanked forever! I purchased a pair of *silk pillow cases on Amazon and haven’t looked back since. They’re affordable and make such a great gift, especially if you throw in a silk sleeping mask.


GHD straighteners are one of the best hair straighteners, in my opinion. I have seen them straighten and style many hair types. I have had mine for more than 5 years, so they’re definitely worth the money. Currently the Gold Hair Straightener has 20%.

Another appliance would be a vacuum, strange I know. However, we’re home more and cleaning more so make it easy on yourself. Some options are Roidmi.

Alternatively, there’s the Dyson V10 Cordless vacuum which works well on carpet and hard wood floors.


Gift Sets – Skincare

This section is for the person or persons who are obsessed with skincare. I think gift sets are the way to go. Plus, it makes wrapping presents easier. A win win for all involved. Here are some options for various budgets from Cult Beauty.

Gift Sets – Make up

If you have a makeup junkie instead of a skincare junkie to gift, sets work just as well. Here are a few options from LookFantastic.com who are running fabulous Black Friday offers. Every make up junkie needs makeup brushes and this is a lovely gift set for the jetset babe.


Giving perfumes can go so wrong, so here are a few that will ensure that you go oh so right! The YSL Libre is for the grown and sexy woman. La Vie est Belle, would be for the elegant and J’adore is for the classy, sexy and grown.


All About IV

If you’ve been a long time reader of my blog, you would know that I am a fan of this brand. Firstly, because the clothing is versatile and secondly, it’s run by one of my besties. She’s a one woman show, that taught herself to sew. Thinking ahead for next year summer, these are a few pieces that caught my eye and would make great presents for your boho babe friend.

House of Kanai

Another one woman show is House of Kanai who specialise in resort swimwear and recently, fabulous masks. HOK sequin kimonos are one of my favourite pieces. If you have that family member or friend who is into sequins and loves to strut their stuff on the beach, this is perfect for them.


We’ve all been staying indoors and staying in your pjs is not uncommon. Here are a few gift suggestions. Lorna Nightwear for In The Style comes in sets and is quite classy. The C’est Noel Collection by Nisha Griffith on Instagram would be for your laid back relaxed girl and there are also options for kids.

Rat and Boa

This small brand is for the woman in your life who falls under the classy sexy category. Slightly in the higher price category but you get what you pay for! My picks for this ultimate Christmas 2020 gift guide are the Nula sequin dress or, the Casablanca dress.

Agape Studio

A new brand to me but I love the ethos and the 24K gold plated pieces. They’re the kind of pieces that are elegant and luxurious. If I had to choose a gift for a loved one, I would go with a bracelet. You can’t go wrong with bracelets especially if you stack them. Like the Achilee and Anatol bracelets. Both are currently on sale.



If you hadn’t noticed by now, I love to travel a bit. Scratch that….a lot! Each time I travel, I learn something new about packing and making things easier. Which is why I love backpacks. I have one I bought in Italy a couple years ago and it’s a dream. However, there aren’t many inner pocket which is why I like Nordace Siena. For both male and female travellers, this backpack would be an amazing gift. Why? Hidden pocket, structured design, water bottle pocket, space for laptop and more. It’s a good one and on sale for £75. Oh it comes in 6 colours and you can purchase addons.

Membership to Priority Pass

If you’re at a loss as to what to get that travel junkie in your life, a lounge membership will not go amiss. Given the current climate that we’re in, having access to a lounge can save a person’s sanity time and time again. An annual plan starts from £69.


All else fails, you can buy flights. In the Black Friday sales you can find a bargain. Easyjet currently has 25% off thousands of flights and there are daily deals. From long haul to short haul, you can find a bargain. For instance, I saw flights to Tobago for £327 and Havana for £380 on my Jack’s Flight Club app.

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Whew! That was a lot but it is your ultimate Christmas 2020 gift guide. I focused on quality over and small businesses. Hope it is helpful and be sure to check the Black Friday post for discount codes to save yourself some money. What is on your Christmas list this year? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time, be well! X

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