5 Easy Skincare Mistakes People Make

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I’m back again this week my skincare junkies. This time I’m sharing 5 easy skincare mistakes people make. We’ve all made these mistakes at some point in our skincare journey. Some people are still making them because of the amount of information that’s out there. So I’m here to tell you what these mistakes are so you can stop and save your skin.

5 Easy Skincare Mistakes People Make

Improperly Washing your Face

I’ve spoken about this before in another post, here. Most people are in a hurry and spend 10 to 15 seconds washing their face and miss areas. Think the corners of your nose, your hairline, neck and sides of your face. Makeup and dirt gets trapped there which can cause a build up of bacteria. Bottom line is to wash your face properly people!

Sleeping in your makeup

Skincare mistake number 2 goes hand in hand with the first one. Yes I know you’re tired. I know you’re drunk or your face was beat to the gods that you don’t want to take off your makeup. But honey pie darling, it has got to come off before you sleep. Take photos so you can have the memories. Have a vitamin b complex before and after drinking, to avoid getting wasted. You don’t have to do your full routine but please don’t sleep in your makeup.

Not Moisturising your Face

This one is for my oily beauties. We need to moisturise as much as our dry sisters. I was given this analogy about oily skin before. It’s like there’s a man who lives in our skin that comes out and checks to see if we’ve moisturised enough. If there isn’t enough, he tells the skin cells to produce more oil. Do you get the idea? Good, so go forth and find the correct moisturiser and use it!

5 easy skincare mistakes people make - Alex Steinherr X primark

Using wrong skincare products

One of the easiest skincare mistakes people is by using the wrong skincare products. It’s so easy to be always jumping on the bandwagon of the latest skincare craze. But, actually it’s not always beneficial for your skin. For example, apricot scrubs for the face was a big trend. Fast forward to present day and we know it’s the worst possible way to exfoliate your skin. Finding the right skincare products for your skin type can make the world of difference.

Not wearing spf

Out of the 5 easy skincare mistakes people make this is the biggest. There’s a misconception out there amongst the black and brown communities that, spf is not needed. It is so not true and we do need spf. Maybe we don’t need factor 50 but we need something. The UVA and UVB rays will penetrate through the melanin layers and start damaging your skin from the cellular level. Please just wear spf. Your skin will love you and thank you.

I’d love to hear if you made any of these 5 easy skincare mistakes before. For me it was definitely the spf and not washing my face properly. Leave me a comment below.

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