5 More Ways to Save Money on Travel

5 more ways to save money on travel- Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

Hello my travel giraffes! Hope you haven’t been blown away with all this wind we’ve been having in the UK. Today’s travel post is about saving that coin! We all like some luxury but, we also like to have some money in the bank. With that in mind, here are 5 more ways to save money on travel.

5 More Ways to Save Money on Travel

Since my last saving money on travel post, here, I’ve found a few more ways for me (and you!) to save that coin. So keep on reading if you want to learn how to save money.

Read Travel Blogs

Yes, that’s right read travel blogs (here, here and here). The reason for this is because there’s usually a discount code, link, competition or freebie thrown in. For instance because I book a lot with Booking.com, they’ve given me a referral link so people who use it get money off and so do I! It’s a win, win situation and anyone can get a referral link. Fyi, I’ve never collaborated with these people although I would love too! If interested my link is *here.

Compare Prices

I know this is an obvious one but sometimes people forget. Say for instance you’d like to stay in a fancy hotel in Madrid. Check out the prices directly with the hotel as they may be running a promotion. Or, check out Booking.com to see if they’re running a bigger promotion. It doesn’t always make that much difference but more pennies saved means more more for sangria!

5 more ways to save money on travel- majeang.com

Use An App

I am a big fan of apps, especially ones that save you time and money off of attractions. The app I used to book my hop on and hop off tour in Madrid was the Tiqets app. They often give a discount which is a plus. I didn’t have to print stuff out and they charged my card in ££ so I didn’t get hit with extra charges. It’s worthwhile if you’re going on a city break and want to utilise the time you have.

Foreign Exchange

Changing money can be a bit of a mind field and you could end up losing out if you’re not careful. If you’re in the UK, I find banks don’t usually have the best rates. What I do, is check online for the best rates. Some places allow you to order and collect which can carry a bonus rate. Also, if you know you will be travelling to European countries often, keep an eye on the rates. If you see a really good rate one day, buy it! It could even be £20. When you continuously do that, by the time you’re ready to fly you won’t need to scramble for money.

Cashback Websites

The final tip in my 5 more ways to save money on travel is, cashback websites. I go on about cashback websites because they work. My favourite is, Topcashback although I sometimes use Quidco. They work for clothes, shoes, skincare and travel. If I’m not mistaken, they’ve got an add-on for your browser so you won’t have to remember every time you want to book a trip away.

Those are 5 more ways to save money on travel and now I would love to hear from you. What are the ways you save money on travel? Let me know in the comments below.

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