Lessons Learned From 2018 (it kinda sucked!)

lessons learned from 2018

Happy New Year beauties! It’s the second week of January 2019 already! How are we feeling about this new year? To be honest I don’t feel anyway about it. I don’t even have any concrete goals (shock horror) in mind, I know how I’d like to feel but to know that I need to look at the lessons learned from 2018.

Lessons Learned from 2018

Self-care is not about bath tubs

One of the key lessons learned from 2018 was that self-care was much deeper that most are led to believe. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good soak in the tub with lit candles. However, self-care involves saying no to the things, situations and people that are toxic. It is saying yes to rest when you’re tired and can’t physically do any more. The road to self-care isn’t always pleasant and people will sometimes make you out to be the villain whilst you’re trying to care for yourself.

Solitude is your friend

Last year was probably the worst year of my life and solitude was a blessing. Things were too noisy all around and I needed to get still and be by myself. I didn’t feel bored and yes, I was lonely at times but, you can feel lonely in a crowd of people. In the solitude I learned more about myself and understood that not everyone will understand me. And that’s okay because as long as I understand me, everything else is sprinkles on top ;). Now I can mingle with people and connect but should I need to disconnect, I know that’s okay too.

Stop Waiting on Others

I have heard this a few times over and I’m sure you have too. It didn’t really ‘stick’ until, both my aunt and mother died within 5 months of each other. They both had so much to live for and a lot of unfulfilled dreams. As women, there’s this thing about waiting. I’m tired of waiting on others. I understand that sometimes you do need to wait but you shouldn’t spend your life waiting on others. Life waits on no one so take the course. If it’s too expensive look for alternatives until you get what you really want. Want to travel but no one to go with? Look for groups that travel together or, go solo. Just stop waiting on others to help you realise your dream.

Obviously, there were more lessons learned from 2018 but I wanted to share the themes that most people would have experienced.

Now I’d like to hear from you, what lessons did you learn in 2018? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time, be well! x

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