Signs You’re Heading Towards Burnout

signs of burnout - mental exhaustion

Well hello there lovely! How are you? I was thinking about this topic for some time because it has happened to me before. It isn’t a nice feeling whilst you’re in the midst of it and sometimes you don’t realise that you’re in the middle of it. So if me pointing out signs you’re heading towards burnout can help someone, then life is good.

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Signs You’re Heading Towards Burnout

Mental Exhaustion

In retrospect, I could see how mental exhaustion was dismissed as just regular tiredness. In reality, it isn’t, if you find yourself constantly exhausted mentally every single day then it’s something you need to watch. It’s the kind of exhaustion that no amount of sleep alleviates because each morning you wake up feeling like you had no sleep. Your mind feels sluggish and there’s that constant need for caffeine to kickstart your day or, keep you going. CBD oil has been shown to help with mental exhaustion and it may be worth looking into. Check out CBD oil for sale by Laurelcrest for your CBD oil needs.

Mental Confusion

Along with the exhaustion comes mental confusion. We all have our off days, where the simplest of tasks can feel like a chore. However, if you’re finding yourself confused daily by simple and abstract processes then perhaps it’s time to slow down. An example of this would be not remembering, for a few minutes your date of birth or how to get home, when these are things you do all the time. You may want to do some research into the benefits of CBD oil or gummies. Just make sure you purchase a reputable brand that use quality and properly tested ingredients. You can look into the brand *Royal CBD as they use premium grade CBD oil.

Loss of Interest in Personal Care

Another sign you’re heading towards burnout is your lack of interest in personal care. You may not be the most organised person in the world, I know I’m not but, there’s a level of organised chaos where basic self-care is a priority. The issue arises when it’s no longer a priority and you can barely be bothered to do the basics.

Easily Irritated

My final sign, is that you’re easily irritated by everything! We all have our moments of being irritated by people or just life. If you find yourself constantly hassled by everything then take stock. Look for the root of the problem because it isn’t that the temperature has dropped to 7 degrees in November!

We’re constantly bombarded with deadlines, projects, family, friends etc that it is pretty easy to lose ourself and forget about ourselves. When we forget about ourselves we are liable to burnout and ask anyone who has suffered from one, they’d probably say it was the little things they ignored. So lovely, look out for these little signs you’re heading towards burnout to take control of your life.

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