Must See Winter Holiday Breaks

must see winter holiday breaks- antigua

Hello my travel giraffes, how are you? Last week I shared with you my wanderlust list for 2018 but then I thought, what if you wanted to get away for the holidays? So if you’re looking for some inspiration, here are my must see winter holiday breaks.

Must See Winter Holiday Breaks

Sri Lanka

If you love the buzz and vibrancy of a place, then Colombo is one you must visit. The weather is opposite to what we’re experiencing in the UK and most if not all of Europe.

must see winter holiday breaks- sri lanka turtles


There are beaches, turtle sanctuaries and if you’re an adventurous sort then try traditional Sri Lankan dishes. Hoppers are a great way to ease yourself before the spicy dishes 😉


Sticking to that part of the world, Dubai is another place on my must see winter holiday break list. Firstly, you can actually leave the hotel because it isn’t ridiculously hot. Secondly, the nightlife is pretty awesome because they don’t do anything by half!

Must see winter breaks- Bur Dubai

Finally, a trip to Bur Dubai is worth a visit. You get to see the largest gold ring in the world and explore the markets.

must see winter breaks - Dubai


You know how much I love the Caribbean because that’s my neck of the woods. Granted, Antigua went through a bit of a rough patch with the hurricane however, it has bounced back.

must see winter breaks - antigua

If after reading my latest post on burnout you realise that you could do with a complete break, go visit Antigua. The beaches are calm, peaceful and beautiful. Just look at that sunset, can’t you feel the stress melting away from your shoulders?

That’s my list of must see winter holiday breaks on this Travel Thursday. Let me know if you do book a winter break to any of these locations or if you’ve been to any before.

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