7 Beauty Hacks

Beauty hacks

It’s September already and although it’s still officially summer, autumn is quickly approaching. Seasons are about to change and that includes our beauty routine. We all like something to make our life easier, so I’ve got 7 beauty hacks that I either use regularly or whilst travelling. So here we go.

7 Beauty Hacks

Body Scrub

Love that feeling of smooth skin but ran out of your regular body scrub or your scrubbing gloves are in the bin? Get some sea salt and buff your way to smooth skin.

Beauty hacks- sea salt and lemon

You could also add a bit of olive oil if you want to add a bit of moisture. Just be careful not to slip in the shower!

Body Oil

Speaking of olive oil, you can use it your skin as a body oil. I’ve used it when I ran out of my regular body lotion and was not about to walk the streets of London dry and ashy. I also added a spritz of my perfume and it gave me a nice all over sheen.

Glow Up

This hack is if you already have a body lotion but want that extra glow for a night out. Add either a Nuxe dry oil or the Caudalie all purpose oil to your lotion to make your skin glow. You could just add it to the areas of your body that light hits; collar bone, shins, tops of your shoulder etc.

7 beauty hacks- nuxe oil, caudalie oil and paw paw


If you’re a woman of colour then you would know about the dreaded darkness under your arms. A hack that I have used was to use lemon and baking soda in the shower. I would do this for about a week consistently before I start to see results.


I saw this floating around the internet and didn’t think it would work but it did. I mixed baking soda with a little bit of water until it formed a paste, applied to my face for 3 to 5 days and my spots disappeared. The mixture also acted as a great exfoliant. Just be sure to follow up with a suitable moisturiser with SPF.

Dry Lips

I struggle with this year round and it’s especially worse when I travel on a long-haul flight. My beauty hack is to use a soft bristle tooth brush in circular motions on your lips. This helps to remove the dead skin and prep it for whatever lip balm you use.

Paw Paw Balm

My final tip is to get this Paw Paw balm because it has so many uses. This is great to throw in your carry-on bag and can be used to moisturise dry lips, elbows, knees, heels and fix stray eyebrows in place. It’s also good to put around your nose if the skin is dry there. Love a product that can be used a multitude of ways.

Those are my 7 beauty hacks, do you have any to share? Comment below.

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