Challenging Your Fashion Fears

challenging your fashion fears- asos mules

Happy Saturday my fashion giraffes! How are you all on this lovely weekend?   Today I’m talking about challenging your fashion fears because I’m challenging mine. I’ve always loved fashion but when it came to actually wearing a particular item that I loved, I would admire from afar. Or, I would go out and buy it but never wore it. It’s actually sad and life is really too short to allow your fear to stop you from enjoying something that you really like. So to challenge my fashion fears I did a few things which I will share with you below.

Challenging Your Fashion Fears

Take Baby Steps

This has been a huge help for me. If there’s a particular trend, colour or cut that I really like, I would look for small ways to add this into my wardrobe. Let’s say you love the colour red but the current trend of wearing head to toe red is too overwhelming, try a red lipstick or nail polish. You could even try like I did and added it to a denim look I styled here.

Buy One Item

Another thing I’ve done was to just buy one affordable item and incorporate it into my already existing wardrobe. That way it isn’t such a shock. I will be doing just that with these mules I recently purchased from Asos (one similar here).

challenging your fashion fears- pink ruffle mules

I saw them and absolutely fell in love with them! I’m not a pink girl but I do like a blush or dusky pink as I think these are shades that are elegant and chic. These are neither of those shades so I was indecisive but then I worked out that I could wear them with simple jeans and t-shirt. I also have a pair of ivory wide leg trousers and a couple of maxi dresses which I can transition into autumn with.

Just Try It!

My final tip was to just try the bloody thing! How bad can it be? It isn’t the end of the world nor will I be outcast from the world. It’s just clothing and it’s an expression of oneself. So if you feel like wearing clashing prints, then, by all means, clash away. If you’re over 40 and want to wear a vinyl leather mini skirt with red shoes, just wear it! You could take a leaf out of Dia&Co who, has a try Friday initiative and encourages their staff to try a new look. So maybe once a week you could wear that item that takes you out of your comfort zone.

That my lovelies is it for today’s post and I would love to know how you are challenging your fashion fears.

As always thank you for reading and commenting. I will be doing more fashion styling posts soon, so do subscribe to keep updated.

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