The Hive, Kew Gardens

The Hive - Kew gardens night

Hello my travel giraffes how are you doing this week? Today’s travel post is closer to home and I’m sharing my visit to The Hive at Kew Gardens. I haven’t done a London travel post since this one, so wanted to share with you a really cool experience.

The Hive

The Hive is a concept that showcases the importance of bees and how we need them. This immersive experience was designed by Wolfgang Buttress and allows you to step inside the structure.

The Hive, kew gardens

Last week one of my besties and I went to Kew Gardens to experience The Hive. We arrived around 7 pm and the sun was still out in full force. So we waited.

the hive, inside daylight

We waited until it got darker before we went inside of the hive and it was beautiful!

The Hive, kew gardens- night shot

the hive, light

Whilst we were inside the lights started blinking and this signified the movement of the bees. There’s a sensor in a real hive which is linked to the structure.

the hive, kew gardens- inside

There was also sound coming from speakers dotted around which gave a strange feeling in the jaw. To be honest I didn’t feel anything just a sense of wonder and peacefulness. I did hear a few people around me saying that they felt a bit strange being inside.

The experience is on until October and I highly recommend that you go see for yourself what it’s all about. Check out Time Out for any deals they may have available for tickets. Otherwise, you can purchase them off Kew Gardens website.

Have you experienced The Hive, Kew Gardens? What did you think or feel? Or perhaps you haven’t been yet, what do you think about this immersive experience? Leave a comment below.

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