Prepping for Summer 2017

prepping for summer 2017

Happy Tuesday lovelies! Hope you’re having a great start to the week? Although some days in the UK it doesn’t feel like it, summer is on its way. I’m not sure what it will look like in the UK but we must be prepared. Here are my tips on prepping for summer 2017.

Prepping for Summer 2017


Most of us love summer! I know I do which isn’t a big surprise considering I was born in the Caribbean and summer prep is a year round thing. The sun is out and it’s daytime for much longer. You feel more energised, so you’re outdoors making the most of the parks, back gardens and rooftops. Your legs tend to be bare, fabrics are lighter not just in its makeup but also in colour.


I constantly go on about exfoliation in various posts (here and here) but trust me, your skin will appreciate the removal of dead skin cells and you will love the glow! This is especially beneficial for all the fake tanners out there, who wants to have their tanning lotion go on smoothly.

Feet Care

Last year I did a post on getting your feet summer ready (read here) and the tips still stand for me. Walking around in sandals or flat shoes for hours at a time can leave my feet feeling and looking a bit crusty. So I look after them because dry and crusty aren’t cute.

Smell Good

Don’t just think perfume, which I will talk about in a moment, but think about deodorant. Your body chemistry changes, not only with what’s happening on the inside but also on the outside. You will naturally perspire in the heat to cool down and what worked in the cooler months, might not work in the hotter months. Essentially, check that your deodorant is still working.

Moving on to perfumes. This is a personal choice and you can either continue to wear what you always wear. Or, you could try something new, fresher and lighter for the hot summer days. Then switch it up to a bit more sultry for the nighttime. My favourites at the moment are La Vie Est Belle by Lancome and an old favourite, By Invitation, which I reviewed last year (read here).

Protect Your Hair

Your hair will go through some sort of adjustment. For me, I tend to shed (like a dog) when the weather switches from cold to hot and I need to be more mindful until it settles. Regardless of your hair type, you do need to protect it from the sun whether it’s wearing hats, protective hairstyles or using products with UV protection. Also, if you’re swimming in pools or in the sea, please wash your hair! Sea salt and chlorine are not your hair’s friend.

Those are my prepping for summer 2017 tips, what are some of yours? Let me know in the comments below.

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