Tips for Getting Summer Ready Feet

getting summer ready feet

Hello beauties how are you?

Today’s post is all about getting those hardworking, often times neglected feet ready for summer! Here are my top tips for getting summer ready feet.


Let’s face it we treat our feet like an orphan during the winter; shoving them into boots that can be too tight, pointy or just plain uncomfortable. As a way of protection, a hard rough layer starts to cover the most hard worn areas like the heels. To remove some of the hardness, we need to scrub-a-dub-dub and exfoliate.

dr Scholl's exfoliating scrub and a pumice stone

You can use either a pumice stone whilst in the shower or use an exfoliating cream. I currently use Dry Skin exfoliator by Dr Scholl.

Bonus tip: hit your heels a couple of times whilst showering to keep the roughness at bay 😉


Like our face we need to moisturise our feet and the cuticles on our toes!

Superdrug foot lotion and Jessica cuticle cream

Our feet tends to get dry really quickly, especially during the colder months. So lather up, with a lotion that’s designed specifically for your feet. Alternatively, you can make your own DIY foot cream using peppermint oil and lots of other natural goodies.

Bonus tip: keep your foot lotion near your shoes so you can slather some on before you put on your shoes.

Tidy up the toe nails

Some people are funny when it comes to feet but beauties you have you keep the cuticles and nails at bay and under control.

Pedicure tools

Use a cuticle stick to push your cuticles back, whilst using a nail clipper and nail file to cut and shape up your tootsies.

Polish (optional)

Not everyone likes wearing nail polish but adding a clear base and top coat duo can give the feet a finished look. Or if you’re into colour, like me, go wild and have fun!

OPI nail polishes

Bonus tip: treat yourself to a pedicure once a year and your feet will thank you 🙂

That’s all for today folks. What are your tips to getting summer ready feet?

Complete toolkit for pedicure

As always, thank you for reading and don’t forget to leave your comments below.

Until next time, be well


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