Comfy Long Haul Flights- Tips

Happy Thursday my wanderlust giraffes! We’re headed towards another long weekend in the UK (amen!) and I can’t wait to get all comfy and relax. Like you, I’m all about being comfortable especially when travelling on a long haul flight. We would all love to have comfy long haul flights and it is possible. In this post I share a few of my tips. Read on!

Comfy Long Haul Flights


Check-in online

Yes I know this is common knowledge but, I cannot tell you how many times I’ve gotten to the airport and seen so many people queueing up to check-in. To me it’s a waste of time and it prevents you from enjoying duty-free!

Arrive Early

Yet another one that we all know and sometimes don’t do. I remember I was so late for my flight to Frankfurt and had visions of me missing it. I was so late that I was still in a taxi 20 mins before take-off. Thankfully, I wasn’t the only one late. Since that experience I make an effort to arrive at least 1.5 hours beforehand for European flights and 3 hours for long haul flights. That additional stress causes wrinkles.

comfy long haul flight
Sri Lanka


Most people will check in their luggage for a long haul flight. If your chosen airline has the facility to drop off your luggage before-hand. Or, you can do it yourself with minimal queuing then like Nike…Just do it! In terms of the type of luggage you purchase, it is entirely up to you. However, in my experience luggage that is light, sturdy and on 4-wheels tend to be easy to navigate with to and from airports. This is much more comfy for your hands and back.


If you can choose your ideal seat for free beforehand; do it! It’s not cute sitting on a plane for 10 hours being uncomfortable in an aisle seat, wishing you had a window seat. Being comfy on a long haul flight, allows you to enjoy the amenities on board and have a better experience.

During Flight


If you drink alcohol then by all means enjoy it but, within moderation and spaced out with a lot of water. We all know the air up there is recycled and drying for your body. Although, you can’t quite prevent it completely, you can help a bit and care for your body once you land.

Your Neck

Unless you’re flying business/first class…lucky you…get yourself a neck pillow. There’s nothing cute about sleeping in an awkward position and suffering with a sore neck after. When choosing your neck pillow, please test it out! Make sure your neck is really comfortable with it before you hand over your hard earned cash.


All flights get cold regardless of whether your destination is 30 degrees or not. Either layer up so you can take layers off when you land. Or, take a large sized warm scarf with you to use as a blanket. Some airlines like Virgin Atlantic, provides you with socks and they are incredibly useful at keeping feet warm. They’re also great if you take your shoes off and walk down the aisles.

comfy long haul flight
Gangarama temple, Sri Lanka


Speaking of walking, get up, walk and stretch. Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is not something only older people get, it is a potential risk that is irrelevant of age. Blood clots are a buzz kill and can ruin your flight and vacation.

These a few of my suggestions on comfy long haul flights and how to acheive them. If you’re going on a long haul flight for the summer, let me know what you do to get comfy.

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