DIY Edison Bulb Lamp

diy edison lamp

I’ve been seeing these types of lamps around for quite some time and I wanted to make it. I perused Pinterest and YouTube for the easiest way to make this lamp. So here’s my DIY Edison bulb lamp.

DIY Edison Bulb Lamp



1x Edison Bulb (I got mine from Amazon)
E27 Cable Plug (Ebay)
1x glass jar (pasta jar works fine, as long as it can fit the bulb)
metallic spray paint
1x nail
Scissors or a cutting device

diy edison bulb lamp-supplies

What to do

Put the top of the socket for the bulb on top of the lid and draw a circle.

Start making little holes on the circle you’ve drawn, with your hammer and nail. Similar to this….

Before you start cutting out the circle, take your hammer and tap the inside of the lid to straighten it to fit on the jar. Test it out by screwing it back on the jar. Cut out the circle, which should be easier with the holes.

diy edison bulb lamp- cut out lid

Spray the lid, or you can spray the lid before you make the holes. Entirely up to you 😉

After the paint has dried, feed the socket through the hole so the bulb will be on the inside of the jar.

diy edison bulb lamp- lid and bulb

Screw the light bulb into the socket and put the lid on. Plug in and et voila!

diy edison bulb lamp- almost completediy edison bulb lamp- completed

Side note: add 2 extra little holes on the lid for ventilation.

So what do you think of my little diy edison lamp? Would you make one? If so, please tag me @majeangblogs in your photos on Instagram.

As always, thank you for reading and be sure to comment on what diy projects you’re working on.

Until next time, be well





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