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Well hello there my lovelies! The weather has been insane lately, with freezing temperatures one minute and then almost spring like the next. Spare a thought for those living on the streets and do what you can to help. So moving on with today’s post and it’s one for those seafood lovers out there. I recently had brunch at Crab Tavern near Liverpool Street station and had to share!

Crab Tavern

So I perusing YPlan as I usually do, looking for something interesting besides Cirque du Soleil. I really want to go so if anyone would like to invite me…holla! Anyways, I was looking and found that Crab Tavern had their tipsy brunch offer on. You get a sharing platter, main and sharing dessert, with a handful of cocktails plus prosecco to wash it down with.

Crab tavern brunch cocktails

Did I mention that this was all for £35 per person? No? Well now you know!

As you can see, the food is plentiful and delicious! The sharing platter is definitely my favourite as calamari and shrimp are included.

crab tavern sharing platter

My suggestion for a main would be the crab burger, as I have to say the surf and turf salad wasn’t overly impressive. I had the burger previously and wanted to try something different. My friend also had a salad but hers was a crab egg caesar salad and it tasted delicious!

crab tavern salad mains

Dessert was a simple affair of ice cream, served in a massive bowl for two to share.

crab tavern ice cream dessert

Staff are lovely and the interior is what I call elegantly quirky. Nice decor without being too stuffy.

So tell me do you like brunch? If so, where’s your favourite place to brunch? I’m always looking for inspiration.

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