Things I wish I knew in my Twenties

Things I wish I knew in my twenties. Maxi dress- IV Designs by Thilini Punzi

Hello gorgeous! How have you been? A while ago I did a post about what I wished I knew as a teenager (here) and I thought I would do one for the twenties. I’m currently in my thirties and by no means have this thing called life figured out, however there are things I wished I knew. Things that would have made that decade a little less angsty. If you’re in your twenties and identify with any of these then I hope it helps. Here are my list of things I wish I knew in my twenties.

Things I wish I knew in my twenties

Things I wish I knew in my twenties

  1. Education does not stop when you leave university

Hate to break it to you but when you finish your formal education, the ‘real’ education begins. All the stuff you didn’t learn before, you will definitely learn. Some of it will be fun, like living on your own for the first time or deciding to leave your home country to live somewhere else. Other things won’t be as fun like paying taxes; the more you earn the more you pay. Student discounts will no longer apply. So if you just finished university, or will finish next year then prepare yourself for the adult world.

  1. Start saving

When you start earning money, depending on your circumstances you will have a bit more disposable income. Of course you’re young and spending £200 on a night out isn’t a big deal. It becomes a big deal when you want to go away for a week with your friends and you don’t have the money. Also, hard to believe but at some point you might want to own your own home, or business. My advice, enjoy the moment, have your fun but just remember to put a little bit away every time you get paid.

  1. Don’t pressure yourself to have it all figured out

Contrary to popular belief, we don’t all know what we want to do as a career. Go try out new things. Don’t allow your degree or lack thereof to stop you from experimenting. Think of it like trying on a new coat or pair of shoes. There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a job for 3-4 years where you’re miserable. That’s time you won’t ever get back. Ever!

  1. Trust your gut

I wish I was told to listen to my intuition because it would have saved me a lot of hassle. When you listen to your intuition, you start to trust yourself and that will lead to you settling less for crap. You realise that you are the only who can live your life and only you get to decide how you live your life.

Those are just a few of things I wish I was told in my twenties. If you’re past your twenties, what do you wish you were told? Comment below, I would love to know. If you’re in your twenties, what is the most surprising thing you’ve learnt?

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