11 tips to help you be well rounded


Hello gorgeous! I hope the week has been kind to you.

I was thinking about the losses from last week and just overall how you can become weighed down by life. I also looked at my life and wondered where I wanted to go or do! It isn’t all about working, paying bills or even getting an education, albeit they’re all important things, I just wondered if there’s more to life?

The answer to that is a resounding yes! There is more to life than the minutia and humdrum of life; it is a balance because life is well rounded and to get the most out of the time we have here, it’ll be good for us to be too. Here are my 11 tips to help you be well rounded and hopefully live a better life.


1.Take care of your mental health

We all need to look after our minds and emotional world. Far too many people suffer in silence with some sort of mental health problem, usually in silence. So get help! Know that you aren’t alone and you are worth any amount of time/bother/trouble. This is something I am still learning but getting better at.

2. Look after your body 

Just like your mental health needs looking after, so does your body. Your body is where you live and it doesn’t need to be a hot mess, nor does it need to look like Naomi Campbell’s body. Again, it’s about balance and what works for you. Ask yourself, how can I truly live the life I want to lead if I am unhappy about how I look? You will spend so much time and headspace feeling bad that you may as well just look after your body.

3. Learn to cook

This isn’t a sexist thing, everyone should know how to cook at least 3 meals. Apart from keeping you alive; cooking feeds into your creativity, nourishes your body and mind. Plus if you like to entertain it will give you an opportunity to show your friends what great cooking skills you have.

4. Be informed

We have so much knowledge at our finger tips yet there are lots of people who are uninformed, misinformed or simply don’t know. Knowing what’s happening in your community, country or around the world is beneficial to being well rounded. We like to think that we’re in little bubbles and there’s no impact on us but just take a look at the climate. Or better yet, look at the various wars happening across the globe; there is a ripple effect because we are all connected.

5. Stop comparing

I could write an entire blog post or series on comparing. We all do it! Every single day we compare ourselves to someone else. The reality is, it doesn’t work. You don’t feel better when you compare yourself to ‘Suzy’ and it’s so easy to do especially on Instagram. Photos of designer stuff, wash board abs, full lips and everything else under the sun will have you looking and poking at every flaw you have. It’s a waste of time and energy to compare yourself. Instead, how about seeing that quality you admire in another person in yourself. We’re all mirrors of each other, so what you see in someone means you have it. The only comparison you should be doing on those comparison websites.

6. Travel

You’ve probably seen this tip on other blogs thousands of times and there’s a reason for that; travelling is one of the most beneficial things you could ever do for yourself. You learn more about yourself, the world, other people and how different yet similar we all are. You can’t get that in a book because experience is one of life’s greatest teachers.

7. Learn about money

Money is important and when people say it’s not, remind them that food, clothing and shelter requires money. Having money gives us choices and knowing how it functions and works is beneficial. It is not the be all and end of life but it’s important enough to be on this list. So if it means you need to take a course on budgeting or saving or investing then by all means go do it.

8. Know what clothing suits your body type

There are so many trends floating around the fashion world and sometimes you can get caught up in having the latest style. Nothing wrong with being on trend but as the word implies; trends aren’t lasting or permanant. Figure out what body type you have, what clothing you feel sexy, comfortable and elegant in. Create a foundation based on that. Buy quality and then you can add trends on top, like sprinkles on a cake.

9. Be spontaneous

This I so am challenging myself to do more this year. Life can be bleak and hard sometimes that we forget to be spontaneous and have fun. Whatever it is you want to do or been wanting to do, just pick yourself up one day and just go do it.

10. Date yourself

The person who will be with you for the rest of your life is you. Not your parents, boyfriend, girlfriend or best friend. You are your ultimate ride or die best friend and as such you need to show yourself the kind of attention you would give to someone you’re deeply in love with. Dating yourself is really about loving yourself and falling in love with you. It isn’t selfish because you cannot give to someone else what you aren’t able to give to you.

11. Culture

Go see a play, musical, opera, ballet. Something that takes you out of your everyday life and transports you into another world creatively. Learn what you do and don’t like about art. Knowing this helps you grow because it challenges you plus it gives you something to add to a conversation.

Comment below with your thoughts on the list. Did I miss anything off? Are you a well rounded person?

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