My hot chocolate

Jim Jams chocolate spread

Hello lovely peeps. How are you? How was your weekend?

If you’re in the UK you would have experienced the plummeting temperatures and possibly some snow, which I did yesterday. It has definitely been hot chocolate weather so I thought I would share with you my hot chocolate recipe.


250ml almond milk (or use any milk you choose)

2 tbsps Jim Jams Hazelnut Chocolate spread

1-2 drops of vanilla essence

1-2 blocks of dark chocolate (optional)

Directions: Warm the milk in a pan, once warmed up add the chocolate spread and chocolate blocks until it melts. Whisk until all the lumps have dissolved. Drop the vanilla essence to the mixture and stir.

This is such a chocalatey yet yummy drink that you can’t help but feel all warm and cosy on the inside. The chocolate spread is responsible for the chocolatey chocolatey taste and was something I got at the Blogger Hangout food event last year. Jim Jams hazelnut chocolate spread is gluten free with no added sugar, great for those of you who are gluten intolerant or watching your sugar intake. When I first tried it, I was blown away by how creamy and chocolatey it tasted. Definitely up my alley 🙂

Let me know if you make the drink or if you have your own that I should try.

Have a great Monday and stay warm!

Until next time be well


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