• Ways to Cope with Darker Mornings

    ways to cope with darker mornings

    Hello, my lovelies how was your weekend? So the clocks went back this weekend and you know that means, darker mornings. Who else struggles to wake up during the autumn and winter? Yup! I feel you. As you know I'm originally from the lovely twin island Trinidad and Tobago which has more than it's fair share of sunshine. It is the Caribbean after all! So when I moved to the UK, I was shocked with the weather, to be fair I'm still shocked with the weather 10+ years later! I struggled when autumn and winter hit because I was used to waking up with the sunshine on a regular basis. I eventually developed ways to cope with darker mornings and whilst not foolproof, it has helped me and I hope it helps you too.

  • Ways to Manage Travel Anxiety Post Covid

    Hello my lovely! How have you been? Can you believe it's the end of September already!? It's as though time has decided to speed up. Given the covid situation, anxiety seems to something that most people are experiencing. In today's post I'm sharing ways to manage travel anxiety post covid. Gone are the days where your biggest concern was whether your train or flight was going to be delayed. We're in a new era and this naturally can cause a few anxious heart flutters.

  • 3 Life Changes I Am Making

    Hello you lovely person who quietly reads my blog :). How are you doing? This blog post is something that I have hemmed and hawed about for weeks. Partly because I hadn't fully figured out what changes I needed to make and also I wasn't sure if you wanted to read about it. But, I have since clarified things and thought I would share in case this resonates with you and of course one will impact upon you. Here are 3 life changes I am making.

  • 5 Things I Want to Try Before Summer 2021 Ends

    I hope you enjoy the new focus and leave a comment below with your thoughts. Keepi5 things I want to try before summer 2021 ends

    Hello beautiful people, how are you doing today? I've been thinking about my blog and various platforms and have decided to focus more on experiences as an over 35 single woman. Yes there will still be skincare reviews, travel and advice on topics but with a slightly different slant. I hope you enjoy the new focus and leave a comment below with your thoughts. Keeping this in mind, here are 5 things I want to try before summer 2021 ends.

  • 15 Things Every Single Over 35 Woman Needs To Do

    15 things every single over 35 woman needs to do

    Hello beautiful people! How are you doing today? You know I'm a big fan of us single over 35-ers living with ease and as much joy as possible. With that in mind I looked at my life and picked out 25 things I did or, wish I did that have helped me. I hope it helps you if you haven't implemented any of these yet. Here are 15 things every single over 35 woman needs to do and I will share the rest in a subsequent blog post.