Ways to Cope with Darker Mornings

ways to cope with darker mornings

Hello, my lovelies how was your weekend? So the clocks went back this weekend and you know that means, darker mornings. Who else struggles to wake up during the autumn and winter? Yup! I feel you. As you know I’m originally from the lovely twin island Trinidad and Tobago which has more than it’s fair share of sunshine. It is the Caribbean after all! So when I moved to the UK, I was shocked with the weather, to be fair I’m still shocked with the weather 10+ years later! I struggled when autumn and winter hit because I was used to waking up with the sunshine on a regular basis. I eventually developed ways to cope with darker mornings and whilst not foolproof, it has helped me and I hope it helps you too.

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Ways to Cope with Darker Mornings

Pump up the Volume

There’s nothing that gets the heart pumping, the feet tapping and fingers snapping more than an upbeat song or playlist. You can check out my summer playlist for some music inspiration. I found that listening to happy, joyful songs whilst I’m getting ready to leave the house or on my way to the station is a great mood enhancer. I feel positive and less focused on the dark skies. If you’re working from home you can find lots of playlists on Youtube that can keep you vibing throughout your work day.


For some people taking supplements is part and parcel of their daily routine. It becomes especially more important during winter. Think about it, it’s cold and raining most of the time in the UK and you’ve got the added joy of the panini. So have a conversation with your GP about adding supplements if you aren’t already taking them. Think about the vitamin B’s, vitamin D and iron. If supplements aren’t your thing then you can look at increasing your fruit and vegetable intake.

It’s Lit!

If you can’t get it naturally fake it! The light I mean :). I tend to turn on the lights in whatever room I’m in, including fairy lights to add a bit of ambience. If that isn’t sufficient for you, perhaps you should look into getting a SAD lamp. It’s one of these lamps that mimics sunrise and wakes you up more naturally than a regular alarm clock. A friend of mine used this because she struggled with the dark mornings and found it was very helpful. You can check *here, here and here for some affordable options.

ways to cope with darker mornings- the hive lights

The Air Out There

My final tip is to get as much fresh air on a daily basis. Crack open a window and allow the air to circulate in your bedroom. It gets rid of the stale air and refreshes you. Go for walks on your lunch break even when you don’t feel like it. That maybe the only time you see daylight so please utilise it. Your brain and body will thank you especially if you’re prone to Vitamin D deficiency! There are also deep breathing exercises which can increase the oxygen intake making your lungs a happy pair!

So to summarise, listen to happy music, get as much light even if you have to fake it and get some air! Have I missed out on any tips? I know these are basic but they work for me. Let me know in the comments below if you struggle with finding ways to cope with darker mornings.

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Until next time, be well!

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