My 4 Must Have Summer Accessories

my 4 must have summer accessories

Hello beautiful people, how are you? Summer looks as though it’s finally arrived in the UK and we were finally graced with amazing weather. In light of this, I thought I would share my 4 must have summer accessories with you. These are probably items you already own or perhaps thinking of getting. I’ll share budget, mid-range and luxury prices. Also, if you’d like me to share some summer shoe picks for this year leave me a comment below.

My 4 Must Have Summer Accessories


Wearing sunglasses isn’t for the bougie or rich and famous but for every person with eyes. We love the sunshine but let’s be real, the sun rays are pretty potent and we need to protect ourselves whilst enjoying it. Personally, I like frames that are a bit large with a square rounded frame so I get ample protection and look chic. TKMaxx is a great place to get affordable yet chic sunglasses but here are a few I found online.

Sunglasses 1: Quay Australia, Sunglasses 2: Mango, Sunglasses 3: Valentino

Straw Hat

A hat is something that isn’t for everyone but it really helps with sun protection and adds something extra to your outfit. There are so many variations; wide brimmed hat, Panama hat, fedora hat and more. Also, you can get them in different colours of straw. Imagine wearing a white summer maxi dress and a wheat coloured straw hat that has a dark brown leather strap around the base. Pair with your sunglasses and tan leather sandals. The perfect look to stroll through the streets of Florence. Here are a few options to choose from.

Hat 1: Amazon, Hat 2: H&M, Hat 3: Scala Hats


When you think of a scarf you think about autumn or winter but actually, summer scarves can be a great accessory. You can use it in your hair instead of a bandana or, to finish off the ponytail. It would also look great tied on your wrist if you’re not into jewellery or on your bag handle. They’re such a versatile summer accessory and can add a pop of colour to a monochromatic outfit. Here are a few that I liked the look of.

Scarf 1: Etsy, Scarf 2: H&M, Scarf 3: Guess

Summer Handbag

The summer handbag is the one you pull out year after year when the temperatures increase. It can be a crossbody bag made from straw to match your straw hat. Or, if you’re into totes then you’ve got options from leather to fabric made totes. The thing to remember is that it needs to be something that will go with your summer wardrobe. Another thing to consider is the colour. I’m not saying not to have black but perhaps a cognac or tan brown might be a lighter option for the season. Summer is a great season to experiment. Anyway these are a few that I wouldn’t mind adding to my accessory wardrobe.

Bag 1: Amazon, Bag 2: Mango, Bag 3: Ralph Lauren

These are my 4 must have summer accessories and I hope you liked my picks. I’d love to know what’s your favourite summer accessory. Let me know in the comments. Mine is sunglasses because it can make my outfit look a bit more chic.

Thanks for reading and until next time, be well! x

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