6 Simple Actions to Improve Your Morning Routine

Hello again beautiful! How have you been? It’s mid-February and usually by now all those New Year resolutions you’ve made have gone through the window. I’m here to give you a gentle reminder if your resolution was about improving your morning routine. These are 6 simple actions to improve your morning routine.

6 Simple Actions to Improve Your Morning Routine

Drink Water

This is the simplest action of them all, drink some water when you first wake up. I keep a water bottle next to me so I can easily reach for it. Throughout the night you get dehydrated and addressing the issue as soon as you wake up can only help. Plus, it sets you up mentally to drink more water throughout the day. Staying hydrated helps you to stay alert and increases energy which can be a struggle during the winter months.


Whilst sipping on your water, grab your journal and jot down a few things that have been floating around your head. It can be as long and in depth as you like, it’s your thoughts after all. Journaling can help you plan for the day or week ahead. It can also help you organise your feelings or make sense of your thoughts. I use the school of thought from Danielle La Porte’s book and look at how I’d like to feel for the week. If you need a journal prompt, the next tip can be used as one.

Looking Forward

Thinking about your day ahead ask yourself what you’re looking forward to. It doesn’t have to be big, it could be something as simple as, getting that once a week special coffee treat. I have a part-time job and once a week when I go into the office, I look forward to a Pret hazelnut hot chocolate with a veggie breakfast sandwich. Or, you could have arranged meeting up with friends for drinks. Having something to look forward to adds life to your day. Instead of, the daily grind that gets us down and away from what we rieally want to do.

Shower Experience

Now that you’ve done all of that, it’s time to jump in the shower. Why not make it an experience? I love using lovely smelling shower gels with my exfoliating gloves. I’m partial to vanilla or cucumber scents but maybe you prefer something with citrus or more floral. I’ve seen people hang eucalyptus over the showerhead and the heat from the water helps to release the scent. Whatever floats your boat make it an experience.

What Are You Listening To?

I enjoy listening to a variety of things; podcasts, music playlists or something on mindfulness. There’s something called cognitive tranformational program which are basically mantras. So instead of me having to repeat it, its playing in my ear whilst I’m doing something. Subconsciously I’m picking positive thoughts about myself which a great way to improve your mood. You don’t notice anything in the beginning because the changes are subtle however, you notice little things in your thought patterns. You can find them on Spotify, Apple and YouTube. Let me know what you think about them.


The final tip I am sharing today includes your skincare. Taking care of your skin is a wonderful thing you can do for yourself. You’re showing yourself selfcare, self love and investing in the future of your skin. Spending the few minutes each morning to cleanse, moisturise and protect your skin is similar to putting money in the bank. Plus it’s a great way to listen to the mantras or, that praise and worship playlist. Kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

There are many more actions I can probably add but I’d love to hear about your morning routine. As always, thank you for reading my 6 simple actions to improve your morning routine.

Until next time, be well! x

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