Christmas 2021 Gift Guide for the Travel Fiend

Welcome back beautiful people! Yesterday was all about beauty and today’s post are your travel junkie friends. Let’s get started with the Christmas 2021 gift guide for the travel fiend. Like yesterday’s own, it’s going to be short but sweet! Sleigh go 😉

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Christmas 2021 Gift Guide for the Travel Fiend

Eurostar Gift Card

Straight out the gate, get a Eurostar gift card. They’ll be able to purchase train tickets to Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels and Lille. This also gives them the flexibility to choose where they want to go and when. The Eurostar is an easy way to get to these countries/cities as it stops in the main city centre which makes navigating a breeze. The gift cards are valid for a year which gives them plenty of time to use them. Purchase your gift card here.

Airport Lounge Subscription

If you’re a regular reader of mine, you’ve heard me wax lyrical about the benefits of my Priority Pass subscription and how many times it saved me when I travelled pre-covid. For the travel fiend in your life, this coud be life saver when they resume travel, if they haven’t done so already. Read more about getting membership here.

Compression Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are such a great way to organise your packing and make a great Christmas gift to the travel fiend in your life. This will especially good if they’re used to taking weekend breaks on budget airlines. Easyjet I’m looking at you for reducing hand luggage allowance. Anyways, a great gift so they can pack smart with everything that’s needed. Amazon is a great place for options, especially as you have a variety of colours. Check *this, *this and *this.


My final gift idea is luggage to go with the compression packing cubes. There are different types of luggage out on the market however, think about the kinds of trips they go on. Are they more backpacker type travel fiends? Then maybe a backpack with several compartments might work. Here are a few options, *here, *here and *here. Alternatively, they might be the kind that travel with everything including the kitchen sink. These options, here, here and here might be right up their alley. Personally, I would stay away from hard cases for larger sized luggage after seeing how luggage came through the conveyor belt in Hong Kong. It wasn’t pretty! Other tips would be to get cases that have 4 wheels, light weight and expandable.

That’s all for my Christmas 2021 gift guide for the travel fiend in your life. Told you it was going to be short and sweet! Come back tomorrow for the final gift guide which is going to be non-physical gifts.

As always thank you for reading and until next time, be well! x

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