8 Christmas Movies Worth Watching on Netflix

8 Christmas movies worth watching on netflix - majeang.com

Well hello beautiful people! Are you feeling the Christmas spirit as yet? Me either! I’m a slow burn when it comes to the festive season. However, I do enjoy watching Christmas movies. They’re fun and light hearted enough to help you suspend belief for a couple hours. So if you have Netflix or thinking of getting it for the holidays. These are 8 Christmas movies worth watching on Netflix, with some snack and drink ideas.


Gotta love a bit of holiday romance. It’s fun, flirty and completely unbelievable which is why it’s all of the above :).


This movie isn’t only just for Christmas but all holidays. It’s a single woman who got tired of her family asking her where’s the boyfriend and a guy who is a bit of a commitment phobe. They combine forces and soon feelings start getting involved. For this movie, I think sweet and sour popcorn with a couple of tequila shots would be good snack combo. Watch Holidate here.

The Holiday

Another crowd favourite stars Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet who are both disillusioned with their love lives. Eventually they swap homes for Christmas and love ensues. If you haven’t watched it yet, this is great to cosy up with a glass of something fizzy with antipasti. Lidl has some great affordable choices. Watch here.

Holiday in the Wild

I watched this movie last year and enjoyed the light entertainment it provided. An empty nester soon learns that her marriage is over and decides to go on the trip alone, that she booked for her and her husband. She falls in love with a baby elephant and decides to stay and nurture him. Of course you know there’s a hot guy involved in all of this self finding journey :). For snacks, how about a cheeseboard with red wine? Watch the movie here.

Holiday Calendar

This feel good Christmas romance is about an antique advent calendar that seems to be predicting the love life of the new owner. Essentially, it’s realising that sometimes what’s in front of your face might just be what you need. Snack wise, chocolate covered pretzels and tortilla chips with dip. Get your movie watching on here.

Family Spirit

These 2 movies recently became favourites of mine because Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn…duh!

Christmas Chronicles and Christmas Chronicles 2

Think of your not so light and sunshiny Santa, elves and some kids who get into trouble. Oh and of course the threat of Christmas gifts not being delivered and you have a fun family movie night. For snacks I would recommend a taco buffet. Get some wraps, a bit of cooked chicken, cheese, guacamole and whatever other toppings you like. Watch the movies here and here.

Jingle Jangle

A new family Christmas movie which will probably become a classic (imho). Filled with the magic of Christmas, inspiration and believing in a cause. Plus there’s lots of singing and dancing so you may or may not want to get up and do a twirl or 3. My snack recommendation would be, pizzas and maybe a bit of ice cream for dessert. Jingle Jangle can be watched here.

The Grinch

If you loved the real life version you and any kiddies would love this too. It has the hilarious and heart warming moments that makes you feel all gooey soft inside. Perfect movie to have hot chocolate with some cookies. Enjoy The Grinch, here.

8 Christmas movies worth watching on Netflix - majeang.com

Okay movie fiends that’s my list of 8 Christmas movies worth watching on Netflix. What will you be watching on Christmas day? Leave me a comment and let me know.

Thank you for reading and until next time, be well! x

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