4 Tips to Help Single Women Over 30 During Lockdown

4 tips to help single women over 30 during lockdown

Hello beautiful peeps! If you’re in the UK, Spain, France and Germany then welcome to lockdown 2.0. Hang in there peeps. As you know this blog is geared towards the over 30 single woman and this post is specifically for those living on your own. These are 4 tips to help single women over 30 during lockdown.

4 Tips to Help Single Women Over 30 During Lockdown


We all know how hard the first lockdown was on us mentally. When you’re single and living on your own, it is especially challenging because there’s no one to hug. Even if you have a roommate, they may not be tactile or they may have gone to stay with family or a SO. Touch is incredibly important to all us human beings and not everyone has a huggable pet. Hugging or even holding hands, can help release oxytocin. It’s the hormone that gives you the content and love feeling. When we’re deprived of oxytocin anxiety and fear increases because, cortisol increases. With that in mind, learn to give yourself a massage. Simply mindfully moisturising your body after a shower or bath can help.

Get Dressed and Show Up

It’s so easy to stay in our pj’s all day as we’re home but, getting dressed helps you make a mental shift. When you have that shower and get dressed, you’re telling your brain that you’re getting ready for something. It could be work if you’re working from home. Or, you’re going to the supermarket to stock up for the week. Or, you’ve decided to treat yourself to a fabulous breakfast you’ve cooked or ordered. Plus putting on fresh clothes does something to your mindset, in a positive way.

4 tips to help single women over 30 during lockdown - Milton Keynes

Utilise Video Calling

All I can say is, thank goodness for Zoom, Skype, Google, and WhatsApp video that allows us to see each other. Arrange weekly video calls with friends and family. Make it fun and have a cocktail evening (or day). Or you can each decide to cook, or order the same cuisine so you can have dinner together. Not the same as going to a restaurant but, we’re improvising and it’s all about connecting with people.


I know but hear me out. In the UK we’re allowed to go outside for exercise and meet 1 person from outside your household. When the weather is dry, meet with a friend in a park for a walk. Get that dopamine, vitamin D and human connection fix all in one go. Alternatively, if you prefer to workout at home there are a number of YouTube workout videos. Or, if you’d like something a bit more structured check out Centr Fitness by Chris Hemsworth (aka Thor). Another option would be to put your favourite dance playlist on and have a party. It gets your heart pumping and your butt shaking too.

These are my 4 tips to help single women over 30 during lockdown. Do you have any other tips? Share in the comments below.

For the month of November, I will be focusing a lot of my posts on self care and anything that will help us get through this second lockdown. We did it before, we’ll do it again and let me know how else I can support you.

As always, thank you for reading and until next time, be well! x

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