3 Places to Visit Post Covid for Summer

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Hello my travel junkies! It’s been a hot minute since my last travel post. I have to admit that with all that’s been going on, I haven’t been feeling travel-spired. How about you? Anyway, now that lock down has been easing I started to get a of itchy feet. I may or may not travel this year but I found 3 places to visit post covid for summer if you’re looking for a trip.

3 Places to Visit Post Covid for Summer

I’d like to say that the virus hasn’t suddenly disappeared. However, quite a few countries have managed the spread of the virus amazingly well. Also, please note that things do change without warning. Now that I’ve got out the way let’s go!


You know that I have love for this place as I visited there last year. Highly underrated, affordable place that all you over 30’s can solo travel to.

3 places to visit post covid for summer - Montenegro

According to the foreign travel advice UK gov website, British nationals can travel to Montenegro without needing a covid test. You may be subjected to the 14 day isolation if the authorities deem it necessary. Social distancing is in effect as well as, wearing masks in enclosed places.


The place that I long to return to, I tend to say this about a lot of places I visit. But, I really, really want to go back to Iceland and do all the things I couldn’t do because of the storm.

3 places to visit post covid for summer - Blue Lagoon

British nationals, upon arrival you can either self isolate for 14 days or, you can pay to have a test done. If you happen to be from Denmark, Norway and Finland then you are exempt from these measures.

3 places to visit post covid for summer - Iceland

Iceland is one of those countries who’s landscape looks different with each season. It would be worth a visit or 3!


So I have no longing to revisit Madeira because I haven’t been there yet! It was meant to happen this year but sadly got cancelled. It is however, one of the few countries that I’m aware of, that has less than 100 cases.

You will need to complete a survey 2 days before your flight, have thermal screening upon arrival and undertake a covid test. A few hoops to jump through but it is about keeping everyone safe.

Whilst there are some additional costs and a few more forms to complete, I think it’s not a bad thing. The reality is things have changed and won’t return to ‘normal’. Once we accept that, I think that the extra bits will become routine and we won’t even notice it.

These are the 3 places to visit post covid for summer. Are you planning to travel for this summer? Or are you waiting to see? Let me know in the comments below.

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