Don’t Put So Much Pressure on Yourself

don't put so much pressure on yourself

Hello my lovely giraffes! It’s week 2 since the UK has gone into lock down. How are you coping? If your mental health is struggling, I wrote a blog post (here) that might help. Today’s post is for those of you who are finding it difficult to do anything. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself.

Don’t Put So Much Pressure on Yourself

Things Aren’t Normal

In case you hadn’t noticed, this isn’t a ‘normal’ situation. Your brain is probably working overtime, to process the epic-ness of what is currently happening. The world on some level has stopped. We have been forced to stop and if you’re always on the go, it will take you a minute to really register that. So if you find yourself waking up at noon and change from one set of pjs to another, it’s okay. Just ensure that you eat, stay hydrated and move.

Your Focus has Left

Don’t put so much pressure on yourself to do anything. Because in reality your focus has gone. This isn’t a holiday where you have chosen. Again, we are in unprecedented times so you will be distracted. It is an unsettling time so cut yourself a bit of slack. It really is okay to be distracted. This will not last forever. We’re in the middle of things at the moment but there will come a time when we will all look back and marvel.

Not Utilising your Time

Online course adverts are at an all time high. Honestly, I don’t blame them and I myself would probably sign up for a couple. However, just because it’s being pushed in your face doesn’t mean you have to. Do what works for you and don’t feel bad because you didn’t sign up for that free online class. If you do and and enjoy it, great! If not, also great! There’s no right or wrong way to be in lock down. Besides, there isn’t going to be a prize for who did courses whilst at home.

It’s Okay to Just Be

My last point is that, it’s okay to just be. We are human beings and not human doings after all. When next, will there be such a time as this? God willing, never! So take these moments and days, and just be. Allow yourself to be in each moment just as you are. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself to engage in every little thing that says you should. You are okay.

I hope this little post helps you to realise that you don’t need to put so much pressure on yourself. This isn’t a competition or a race, we’re all doing the best that we can in a unique set of circumstances. Please look after yourself. Stay home if you can and be well! x

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