Smart Girl’s Guide to Avoid Being Ripped Off

smart girl's guide to avoid being ripped off

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Many women feel nervous about doing some things alone. From buying a car to travelling solo, it can sometimes feel the cost of things goes up just because you’re a woman by yourself. Avoid the hidden extras added by patronising car salesman, travel agents who add costs to make you feel safe and other unscrupulous types. Read on for some tips in this smart girl’s guide to avoid being ripped off.

Smart Girl’s Guide to Avoid Being Ripped Off

Whether you’re online searching ‘Land Rover dealer near me’, hitting the travel agent to plan a solo trip or managing your own finances for the first time, go in prepared.

Trust Your Gut

If you arrive to look at a car and the salesperson doesn’t feel genuine to you, remember you can walk away. If they seem rude, patronising or like they’re pushing you to buy, trust your instincts.

The same goes for a travel agent, bank employee or financial advisor. If they push you and it feels fake, take your business elsewhere.

Timing Is Everything

The time you visit the car dealer can make a big difference. If you’re interested in an older model, shop as a new model is released to find a better price. For peak deals, try looking for a car during the last week of the year. If you want to ask a lot of questions, shop during the day. The dealership is likely to be quieter, so staff will have more time to spend with you. 
Book holidays off season for better deals, and avoid school holidays if you can. Read more tips on booking cheap flights here.

For managing your money, pick a weekday during office hours to be able to spend more time talking to staff. Also, write down your questions beforehand. Don’t do like me and think you’ll remember it all. You don’t! 🙂

smart girl's guide to avoid being ripped off

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Know What You Want

When buying a car, try not to be swayed by model alone. Think about what you need your car to do for you. Do you often drive long distances for work? Can the car drive off road? Is a spacious trunk needed? Or room to load to the car with kids, dogs and other passengers? Don’t just think about the look of the car. You need to think practically. Look around at a few different models, and go with your checklist of what you need. 

Booking that Trip

When booking a trip, do your own research. It’s important to make sure you’ll be safe as a woman travelling alone, but don’t fall for booking more expensive places in the name of safety. Check out the official advice for where you’re heading and stand your ground. 

Taking Care of Finances

If you’re taking control of your finances, remember it’s your money. It’s your choice to decide what to do with it. Take advice, but make the decision yours and don’t let yourself be pressured into things like investments or credit cards if you don’t want them.

Read Reviews

Read reviews from real people, not just industry magazines and websites. There are lots of women out there writing about cars, solo travel and finances if you search, so look for a woman’s view. Check the reviews and look for reviews from women. If you see a lot of women who seem happy with the service and the price they paid, it’s probably a good bet for you. 

I’d love to know what other tips you have, that could be added to the smart girl’s guide to avoid being ripped off. Leave me a comment below.

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