Over 35 and Single? Here’s how to Enjoy it!

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Welcome back my lovely giraffes! My friends and I have been talking about a lot about being single lately. It seems to be in ether because there’s always someone talking about it on social media. And a lot of times when it’s spoken about there’s a negative conotation. So here’s my take on it. Over 35 and single? Here’s how to enjoy it!

Over 35 and Single? Here’s how to enjoy it!

Life happens and alot of unexpected life events can throw your life for a loop. One minte you could be in a committed relationship with a house. Next, you’re single and have to move back in with your parents. Or, one minute you have a high flying career and the next, you’re unemployed. Each stage, you’ve got to find the blessing and enjoy it otherwise you’ll be miserable. Here’s how you can enjoy the single life over 35.

Take a Course

You’ve had that secret desire to learn a language, dance or learn to sew. Now is the time to take that course because you have no idea where that will lead. Plus, there’s nothing more rewarding than fulfilling a dream. If you can’t afford a full fledged course, how about a workshop? Or, YouTube? If YouTube was a university, I would have my Masters by now.

Invest your Money

The reality is that we are all getting older, have you thought about how you’d like to spend the next few chapters of your life? Whatever you envisage will cost money. Learn about ISA’s, Fixed deposits and if you’re ready, buying stocks and shares. We live in a world where money can solve a lot of problems, so be prepared.

Learn to enjoy your company

Having a significant other can be great if you’re with right person for you. How can you know what you’re able to offer and what you aren’t willing to put up with, if you don’t know yourself? Date and treat yourself to the things you want (within reason). That way, no person with flash and no substance can bamboozle you. Get to know you and enjoy your own company.

Rally your single friends

One of the benefits of being single is that you and your other single friends can plan stuff to do. For instance, you can plan a city break at the drop of a hat. Or, you can have a regular monthly date night where you try different restaurants. The world is really your oyster to be honest.

I sometimes think that society views over 35 single women as a group to be pitied. Or, they don’t see this part of society which can be disheartening. Don’t be because you are valuable and have a lot to offer. Tell me if you’re over 35 and single, how you’re going to enjoy it. Leave me a comment below!

As always, thank you for reading and until next time, be well! x

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